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Teaching as a Calling (05:49)


Dr. Joe Cornelius receives his bachelor's degree and Doctorate from Tennessee State University. After teaching biology, anatomy, and physiology, he spends his free time writing plays. The devil serves as a metaphor for negativity and oppression in "The Devil and Leroy Jones."

"The Devil and Leroy Jones" (08:45)

Cornelius gives a short performance. The Devil tells Leroy Jones he has no chance to succeed because he was born black and from a broken household. Jones believes he will excel.

Right and Wrong? (04:27)

Young people are experiencing new pressures that older generations had not undertaken. Students applaud gang rappers as leaders. Low characters exist in all aspects of society.

Line of Demarcation? (04:12)

Young people are more sensitive to hypocrisy and have a negative attitude toward authority. Cornelius confesses he has been the Devil and Leroy Jones for his students. If an audience has a good time when hearing a playwright's message, they are more receptive.

Credits: The Devil's Advice (00:21)

Credits: The Devil's Advice

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The Devil's Advice

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Educator Dr. Joe Cornelius once again shares his insightful talent as he weaves the tale of a young man struggling against the odds in the program from Tony Brown's Journal. In The Devil and Leroy Jones, Dr. Cornelius imbues his artistic performance with a message of hope for the future.

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