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Wonder: Early Beginnings (06:16)


Tony Brown visits the recording studio at Wonderland. In 1964, Stevie Wonder releases "Fingertips" and becomes an overnight success. Meeting Al Hibbler and George Sheering inspires him to become a musician.

Practical Joker (06:13)

Wonder owns and operates KTLH, a radio station in Los Angeles. He discusses the impact of surviving a coma after a car accident and writing "Lighting Up the Candles" before Marvin Gaye died.

Detroit Concert (03:17)

Wonder shares material from his newest album at his hometown. Watch a clip of Wonder performing "Superstition."

Activism and Racism (03:25)

The individual who possesses a problem is one who cannot like another based on physical characteristics. The creator gives us the ability to love. Wonder sponsors a Dr. Martin Luther King national holiday.

"Happy Birthday" (07:26)

Watch the music video that became an unofficial commercial. Wonder hopes his music moves individuals out of pain, prejudice, and racist energies. The seed of love is growing.

Credits: Stevie Wonder Plays His Own Keys of Life (00:25)

Credits: Stevie Wonder Plays His Own Keys of Life

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Stevie Wonder Plays His Own Keys of Life

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This video from Tony Brown's Journal features a one-on-one interview between Stevie Wonder and Tony Brown.

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