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"Out of Bounds" (04:44)


Brown writes a candid testimony of his sexual liaison with Gloria Steinem in his book. He wants to portray himself truthfully.

Black Celebrities (04:05)

Many athletes do not speak about African American issues because they are afraid of losing revenue. Brown wants to fight for black liberation and portray himself truthfully. Most only know Brown for throwing a woman off a balcony.

Substance Abuse (07:14)

Brown feels that athletes and celebrities with low self-esteem turn to drugs. Richard Pryor explains how Brown gave him strength. Brown becomes emotional when describing their relationship.

Brown's Relationship with Women (03:46)

Romantic love encompasses Brown. Women can be just as experimental as men sexually. Brown admits to adding elements so the public would hear his opinions; he purposefully omitted some salacious details.

Ocean Productions (06:08)

Brown has a multi-picture deal to produce action adventure movies for the European market. Fred Williamson makes five pictures a year. Brown describes how African Americans are consumers, not producers.

Credits: Jim Brown: Out of Bounds (00:20)

Credits: Jim Brown: Out of Bounds

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In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, football legend Jim Brown discusses his football career and his book Out of Bounds with Tony Brown before a live studio audience. Brown was a running back for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL) from 1957 through 1965 and is considered to be one of the greatest football players of all time.

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