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Opinion Leaders (04:47)


According to the National Urban League, 8% of individuals on Sunday morning opinion shows are black. Tony Brown introduces his guests Stephanie Jones and Paul Braithwaite. Views of the African American community are not expressed on Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning Programs (02:53)

Television shows include "Meet the Press," "Face the Nation," "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," "Fox News Sunday," and "CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer." NBC responds to the Washington Post article, stipulating they will only hire newsmakers from newspapers. Jones' study searches transcripts of news programs over the past 18 months.

Representing African Americans (08:45)

African American leaders have distinct viewpoints about the economy, the war in Iraq, prison, and education. A broader pool of people should be included on Sunday opinion shows. Jones, Marc Morial, and Braithwaite have never been personally asked to be guests.

Black Leaders (03:03)

Brown states there are leaders in the community who happen to be African American; an example includes Charles Rangel, head of the Ways and Means Committee in Congress. The people who decide the topic for Sunday opinion shows are not diverse. One senator appears on the shows 18 times in a calendar year.

Partisan Issues? (05:52)

Fox News, the most conservative network, has the most regular appearances of African Americans. The panelists discuss how Sunday opinion programs need more multi-racial guest leaders. Braithwaite emphasizes that African Americans who serve in Congress represent all types of ethnicities.

Credits: Black Opinion: The Invisible Person on TV (00:33)

Credits: Black Opinion: The Invisible Person on TV

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Tony Brown and his guests Stephanie Jones and Paul Braithwaite discuss the lack of African-American viewpoints on Sunday morning talk shows in this program from Tony Brown's Journal.

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