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Introduction: Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark: Part 3 (04:00)


See Joel Sartore at an insect and tarantula shoot; he needs 50 more animals for the "Photo Ark" to reach 5000 species. He expresses appreciation for his job, photographing wildlife around the world. Almost a third of animals are endangered; his pictures put pressure on governments to protect them.

Operation Nest Egg (04:30)

Sartore treks through the New Zealand wilderness in search of the Rowi Kiwi, now confined to Okarito forest. A conservation ranger explains efforts to recover their population, threatened by invasive predators; the mission collects eggs and raises chicks on a predator free island before returning them to their native forest; see rangers remotely locate a tagged bird.

Northern White Rhino (05:36)

Sartore vacationing in Prague with family; he photographs a rare rhinoceros at Dvur Kralove Zoo; they have been poached into near extinction. See the photo shoot and set up. He and keepers discuss saving the species; the three survivors are guarded on a Kenyan preserve.

Syrian Brown Bear (05:06)

Sartore packs his family and camera gear into a small vehicle; they travel to Budapest Zoo to photograph the Persian leopard, whose population has dropped to 1000; he is two animals short of 5000 for the "Photo Ark." A bear native to Syria is extinct in its own country; see a specimen eat fruit during a shoot.

Persian Leopard (04:12)

Sartore credits zoos for accommodating "Photo Ark" shoot requirements; the leopard's handler pets him for the first time. See pictures of the cat, rare due to habitat loss. After ten years of work, he obtains photos of 5000 animal species.

Weta (05:57)

Many animals are being pushed to extinction; see Sartore hiking through New Zealand forest to locate a Rowi Kiwi. Eighty million years ago, the islands had no mammalian predators, allowing evolution of thirty two flightless bird species. Several prey on bugs, such as the now rare Weta; see a photo shoot of the grasshopper.

Sarako (04:54)

The flightless Kakapo almost went instinct; the world's heaviest parrot had to learn to hide from predators. Sartore is allowed to photograph a captive specimen with special cleaning of his equipment. He does not obtain an acceptable shot, but connects with the bird.

Research and Recovery (04:58)

Half of all Kakapo live on predator cleared Codfish Island; recovering populations receive health checkups and tracking devices. During mating season, males congregate in boom bowls, widely amplifying their sounds to lure a mate. Rimu yields determine when females reproduce; scientists believe necessary prenatal vitamins are present in the fruit.

Rowi Kiwi (05:10)

Sartore prepares for work, eating leftover pizza, and discussing job and family obligations. Kiwi eggs are incubated and hatched at the West Coast Wildlife Centre; see photos of Rowi while he describes species traits. Invasive weasels have decimated their populations.

Saving Eggs, Saving Animals (08:46)

See a conservation ranger collect a Rowi egg from the wild, preventing its consumption by weasels. Program efforts increase populations; eggs are protected, returning to Okarito forest as adults. See "Photo Ark pictures"; Sartore discusses the impact of his work, being seen around the world, and encouraging animal protection.

Credits: Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark: Part 3 (00:60)

Credits: Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark: Part 3

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Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark: Part 3

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Travel with photographer Joel Sartore as he adds vibrant insects to his Photo Ark collection and searches for larger animals in Budapest and Prague. Joel also tags along on a Rowi kiwi egg rescue in New Zealand.

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