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Introduction: The Floating House (01:37)


This video features a luxury home in which one floor is submerged underwater. The challenge of taming the sea could soon push creators to the brink of collapse.

Floating Seahorse (05:33)

Italian architect Marco Bolzoni is nine months into the design of the luxury houseboat with underwater views. It will be moored off of an island in the Persian Gulf. Construction prototype begins in a Dubai shipyard.

Seahorse Stability (04:08)

Sixty homes are sold although the prototype has not yet entered the water. Bolzoni discusses the challenge of building a partially submerged structure. During inspection, he visits the prototype’s roof.

Amenities and Window Design (04:52)

Experts plan to connect the Floating Seahorse to the island’s power supply. Construction of the submerged bedroom’s window is outsourced to Clax Italia. Leonardo Munzi discusses the challenges of design and creation.

Prototype Pressure Test (05:03)

A problem arises during testing. Bolzoni’s team uses soapy water to locate a leak caused by sealant failure. A second pressure test is more successful, and the Seahorse is nearly ready for immersion.

Coral Garden (04:58)

Bolzoni sees a problem with the Italian marble paneling. Reef Advisor Marie Goarin visits the shipyard to oversee assembly of the coral garden. Adrian Evans and his team tend coral for harvesting.

Major Setback (10:55)

Bolzoni and Udhay Lall watch as the 235 ton Seahorse makes its way down the dry-dock. A bathroom window leaks and tilting occurs, suggesting a miscalculation in ballast weight. Certification Officer Omur Sahinoglu aborts the launch.

Coral Growth Problem (03:08)

Bolzoni must find a way to rebalance the Seahorse. The marine team worries the coral is growing to slow to provide enough for dozens of homes. An electro-reef uses a low-voltage current to speed growth.

Second Launch Attempt (03:03)

Bolzoni and his team prepare the Seahorse for another launch. The structure leans again, but ballast tanks compensate. The Seahorse floats safely for the first time; final tests will take place at sea.

Dubai Final Destination (07:16)

A fleet of tugboats tows the Floating Seahorse to a man-made island that will eventually host a colony of 90 floating villas. Spyros Sokaris oversees a launch before the home moors safely in shallow waters.

Luxury Tour (04:14)

Daily checks confirm the Floating Seahorse is watertight. Bolzoni gives a tour of the prototype. Algae and barnacles require daily window cleaning.

Credits: The Floating House (00:20)

Credits: The Floating House

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Follow the effort to make living beneath the waves a reality as a team in Dubai attempts to construct a floating house that combines the best of terrestrial and marine design. Will they achieve the impossible?

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