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Introduction: Europe in the Desert (01:57)


This video focuses on the artificial archipelago that developer Josef Kleindienst is constructing off the coast of Dubai. The project could soon be the home of five-star hotels and beachfront villas.

Kleindienst's Vision (04:31)

Kleindienst’s project originates from a project abandoned following the 2007 financial crisis. He plans to develop six islands according to themes based on European countries. His resort will have 14 hotels and 42 private residences.

Project Challenges (03:50)

Kleindienst and Logistics Manager Azeem Addas describe some of the most challenging obstacles, which include extreme heat and moving materials by barges. The project’s safety officer explains the process of vibro compaction.

Sweden Island (06:53)

The island will feature 10 luxury villas that sell for $20 million each. A royal family purchases the first and wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the villa. Technical Design Manager Ali Kashan adresses a problem during the vibro compaction process.

Complex Irrigation System (06:05)

Sweden is on schedule for the New Year’s deadline. Landscape Architect Richard Westcott helps install the flora. He has to design an irrigation system with 35 miles of underground pipes that provide fresh water pumped from a desalination plant.

Roof Redesign (03:46)

Floor slabs and precast walls are in place for the first villa on Sweden Island. Architect Paulo Andre describes the Viking inspiration for the roof design. Kleindienst calls for a complete redesign.

Emergency Response Unit (04:19)

The unit is an elite crew of firefighters recruited from the United Kingdom. The team is on call and undergoes daily training simulations to improve safety; an exercise reveals a necessary change in design.

Roof and Landscaping (04:41)

Kleindienst’s team struggles to find a workable solution for the new roof design. Westcott must install foliage in a way that allows for privacy despite villas being only 30 feet apart. Conditions make it difficult to keep many plants alive.

Project Landscape (09:02)

The landscape is beginning to resemble Kleindienst’s dream after nine months of construction. Buyers are lining up to invest. Kleindienst absorbs the cost of upgrading a villa roof; the client wants a finished first floor by New Year’s Eve.

Final Push (02:53)

Work continues around the clock as the New Year’s deadline looms. Italian marble flooring is put in place, walls are filled and painted, and air conditioning is installed. Already stressed, Andre finds construction flaws that won’t live up to the lofty expectations of Arab royalty.

Phase One Completion (06:40)

Kleindienst arrives on Sweden Island to inspect the villa. Ten villas occupy the island by the summer of 2017. Construction begins on the resort for Switzerland Island. Focus shifts to completing the entire resort project by 2020.

Credits: Europe in the Desert (00:22)

Credits: Europe in the Desert

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