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Zebra Migration: Introduction (01:40)


Filmmakers and scientists will follow the longest land migration in Africa; some zebras have satellite collars.

Botswana, Africa (05:48)

Thousands of zebra gather on the Chobe floodplains to journey to Nxai Pan National Park. The research team establishes camp at the edge of the Chobe River and will work with local experts to track the zebra migration. They collar some of the zebra, including 9-year-old Janet.

Chobe Floodplains (02:56)

Max Hug Williams and Bob Poole will follow family groups; zebra gather on the plains. Foaling coincides with the rainy season; Winnie is an experienced mother.

Rainy Season (04:17)

The rains begin and the zebra move south. African hunting dogs follow the zebra into the forest; learn how they hunt.

Zebra Family Groups (04:09)

Williams locates a collared zebra and her family; he identifies Socks and Wishbone. Socks' family is the first in the migration while Winnie's family is one of the last; Spirit and Jewel are with the group. Williams locates a group watched by hunting dogs.

Death of a Zebra (04:10)

Data reveals a collared zebra has not moved in two days; the team locates the carcass via VHF signal. Researchers examine the video from the zebra's collar.

Complex Behavior (06:16)

Socks travels quickly and is far ahead of the other groups. Data shows that nearly all the family groups are turning back to the Chobe floodplains. Zebra need to drink regularly.

Instinct to Migrate (03:02)

Socks is 100 miles from Nxai Pan and traveling in a direct line; zebras navigate with few landmarks. The zebras who turned back are feeding in an area that was ravaged by wildfire.

Locating Socks (04:58)

Socks and her family are past the halfway point to Nxai Pan. Pans can provide a lifeline for migrating zebra. Researchers learn that Socks has not given birth and that Wishbone is absent; Socks' collar stops working.

Main Zebra Migration (05:49)

Winnie, Janet, Spirit, Jewel and the others begin migrating. Nxai Pan can support nutritious grass, but the rains are late. Lions wait for the zebra and the rains finally arrive.

Nxai Pan National Park (04:56)

Janet and her family enter the park. Spirit arrives without her foal; the family appears to have encountered lions. Researchers locate Socks via her VHF signal.

End of the Migration (05:42)

Williams obtains a visual on Socks, her foal, and Wishbone. More zebra families arrive and Liz Bonnin reflects on their journey. (Credits)

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Thousands of zebra face lions, hunting dogs, drought and starvation as they undertake the world's most recently discovered migration. Braving one of Botswana's most brutal wildernesses, they make Africa's longest land migration to reach the rich grasslands of Nxai Pan National Park.

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