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Introduction: Ethiopia and Bed Nets (01:42)


Malaria is an ever-present danger in the Ethiopian highlands. There is no vaccine, and the parasite that causes the disease keeps developing resistance to medicine. Insecticide-treated bed nets have proven to be an effective preventive measure.

Malaria Infection Rate (02:00)

More than 9 million people are infected by malaria in Ethiopia each year. Fatuma Abdo is a volunteer health worker. She describes symptoms and recalls complications when seeking treatment for her young son.

Mosquito Net Program (05:35)

The Ethiopian government is determined to stem the tide of fatalities; about 7 million mosquito nets have been distributed since January 2005. Rory Nefdt explains how malaria spreads and highlights logistical hurdles to distributing nets.

Volunteer Efforts (05:37)

Volunteers distribute millions of nets as the rainy season ends. Abdo picks up nets for her family and checks on a young mother who recently had a baby. She explains ancient beliefs about malaria.

Malaria Survivor (05:49)

Health worker Amele Work brings a net to a family and explains how malaria spreads. She recalls her bout with malaria that was so bad her family began planning her funeral. Yussuf feeds neighborhood hyenas; he finds them less frightening than mosquitoes.

Credits: Ethiopia and Bed Nets (00:10)

Credits: Ethiopia and Bed Nets

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Ethiopia and Bed Nets

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Malaria is primarily a disease of the young and of the poor, many of them children who live in remote areas with no easy access to health services. Nearly 3,000 African children die of malaria each day, but the use of bed nets treated with biodegradable pyrethroid insecticide has proved to be highly effective in protecting them from malarial mosquitos as they sleep. The number of deaths among children under five has been reduced by a quarter in some areas. In Ethiopia, Fatuma Abdo knows all about malaria, having lost two children to the disease. We follow the heartbreaking story of how this deadly disease has affected her. 

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