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Teen Mother (05:24)


Durmilla, 17, recalls circumstances that led to the death of her first child and to becoming a teenage wife who now cares for a second infant. Shakti Dhar Sahoo of the Orissa White Ribbon Alliance describes health problems and bad advice that put infants and young mothers at risk.

Teen Pregnancy in England (04:13)

Maxine Bell, 17, recalls her boyfriend pressuring her into having unprotected sex she has no contact with her 2-year-old daughter’s father. Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe.

Risks of Teen Pregnancy (07:17)

Panka Gini Nayak says pregnant teens in India are pressured into marrying by impoverished parents wanting to free themselves from the burden of another child. Sahoo describes sexist attitudes that exacerbate the problem. Dr. Ashok Singhal and Denise Mallan highlight health risks to expecting teenage mothers and their children.

Teen Marriages (03:51)

Teen mother Laxmi Singh lives around the corner from Durmilla. She and her mother-in-law think it was a mistake for her to marry at such a young age. Bell recommends waiting to get married and have children. Durmilla plans to wait before having another child.

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Teenage Mums

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Motherhood comes all too quickly for many teens around the world, and it can often be dangerous. Complications from pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of death among teenage girls in developing countries. This program visits India, where many girls marry early and have several children before they are 20. The program also examines teenage pregnancy in the United Kingdom, which has the highest rate in Europe. This film looks at the girls’ experiences and the contrast in maternal care available in Europe and Asia.

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