Titles in this Series

Weathering the Storm

Item #: 166321

The Philippines Fights Back

Item #: 166322

The Migrant's Story

Item #: 166323


Item #: 166324

Annabella's Story

Item #: 166325

Killer on the Doorstep

Item #: 166326

We Are What We Eat

Item #: 166327

Hungry for Change

Item #: 166328

Neighbors at War

Item #: 166329

Teenage Mums

Item #: 166330

Sharmila's Journey

Item #: 166331

Newborn Survival

Item #: 166332

The Queen & the Carpet Girl

Item #: 166333

The Nurse Next Door

Item #: 166334

A Sporting Chance

Item #: 166335

Beating Child Violence in Africa

Item #: 166336

Castle of Hope

Item #: 166337

Forced Labor

Item #: 166338

Living Dangerously

Item #: 166339

Nepal's Dispossessed

Item #: 166340

Ethiopia and Bed Nets

Item #: 166341

A Cowboy's Story

Item #: 166342

Relative Values

Item #: 166343

Girl Power

Item #: 166344

HIV Stigma in Nigeria

Item #: 166345

Child Labor

Item #: 166346

Against the Odds

Item #: 166347

Returning Home

Item #: 166348

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Survivor’s Guide is a series which looks at what it takes to survive childhood. These are very personal stories of children who have often experienced difficult and painful situations, plus their hopes and their fears for the future. They’re also uplifting – these are the people who made it and their stories serve as examples to others. Each film gives a detailed look at our survivor’s life to build a character of interest and sympathy. The programme examines all aspects of their lives, including their family, work, school, and their community. Each story is the starting point for exploring much bigger issues.

Length: 825 minutes

Item#: BVL166320

ISBN: 978-1-64481-464-2

Copyright date: ©2010

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