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"Super Gran" (07:28)


Phyllis Sues, 91-years-old, runs, jumps rope, stretches, and practices tennis and yoga. Sues describes her life of dancing and exercising every day; she likes to push her limits.

Muscle and Bone Development (05:39)

Staying active at any age is essential. The body goes through various stages of muscle development up to age 25. Physical activity and proper sleep help hormones, bone development, emotional state, and quality of life.

Teenage Hip Hop Dancers (06:55)

Mario and Martin perform in a dance battle against adults. Their joints and ligaments are more elastic, allowing them to perform dance moves adults cannot. They cannot perform other moves adults can because they do not have enough muscle structure.

High Altitude Runner (06:23)

Kilian Jornet trains in the mountains for more than 30 hours per week. He wears a mask to test oxygen consumption. He absorbs more oxygen than the average person which helps his heart, lungs, and muscles.

Analgesic Effect (04:00)

A 34-year-old woman with three children decides to start running. A doctor talks about how exercising releases endorphins which counteracts stress. Endorphins also induce a feeling of euphoria, and people can get addicted to that feeling.

Super Triathlete (03:14)

Christophe Llamas is 44-years-old and one of the few athletes able to finish the deca triathlon. He discusses his diagnosis of high blood pressure at a young age and ignoring advice to avoid sporting activities.

Exercise After Fifty (05:50)

In the 1980s, Muriel Hermine popularizes synchronized swimming in France. Now over 50, she returns to swimming to help heal from a slipped disc. Bones in women get weaker as they age.

Sedentary Lifestyle (03:11)

Benoit Pereira Da Silva creates a mobile desk so he can work outside while walking. Being sedentary can produce poor circulation, muscle wastage, and weakening of skeletal structure. Walking while working has numerous positive effects.

Walking While Working (04:09)

Sedentary working lives are a major contributor to obesity. An office in Minneapolis allows employees to work standing up whenever they want. It is important to fit exercise into schedules.

Credits: Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body: Part 3 (00:30)

Credits: Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body: Part 3

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As we get older our bodies change as does what we are able to do and not do. In this episode, we explore the science of ageing meeting along the way a nonagenarian great grandmother who seems to be defying science, a young mountain trained athlete able to perform at altitude, some amazing middle-aged runners and a French synchronized swimming champion back in the pool aged 50. We will meet them all and explore with them the realities of how our bodies change over time.

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