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NFL and NBA Prospects (06:21)


College recruiters offer top high school athletes scholarships. Nick Richards is a five star recruit while Silas Nacita is ruled ineligible. The NCAA makes more money than the NFL; many students live below the poverty line.

Nick Richards: High School Senior (02:33)

Richards attends St. Patrick School and is ranked eighth in the ESPN 100 poll.

Mike Shaw: College Senior (04:16)

Shaw receives his jersey during the senior ceremony at Bradley University; Coach Robert Weber was fired after his freshman yea. NCAA rules stipulate that a student is ineligible to play basketball for a year after a transfer to another Division One college. A back injury prevents Shaw from playing basketball.

Shamar Graves: Rutgers Graduate (02:35)

Graves teaches children how to play football in Keansburg, New Jersey. He discusses injuring his shoulder during mini-camp with the Chicago Bears.

Silas Nacita: College Senior (03:51)

Nacita recalls making the football team as a walk-on and scoring a touchdown in the first game. Jana and Joe Campbell's offer of a place to live makes him ineligible to play football.

John Shoop: Former Football Coach (04:01)

The NCAA accuses the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill football team of benefiting from academic classes that do not exist. After taking a job at Purdue, Shoop becomes an advocate for student athletes. He gets fired and receives no other coaching offers.

National Exposure (04:02)

Richards participates in an Under Armour high school event. Shaw graduates from Bradley University and packs his belongings.

Life After College (07:25)

Graves works as a sales associate at Old Navy and a middle school teacher. Robert Turner advises him to find a new path. Nacita attends Dream Bowl Four and becomes injured.

Public Exposure (03:24)

Players are expected to wear brands that sponsor the events, despite receiving no monetary compensation. Recruiting begins when the candidate turns 12 or 13. Social media turns students into celebrities.

Job Prospects (06:51)

Shoop participates in a roundtable radio show, discussing pay to play for college students and image profiting. In Chicago, Shaw visits his old neighborhood and spends time with family.

Student or Athlete? (05:49)

Graves attends a Rutgers' football game and recalls working on the grounds crew during college. Shaw receives physical therapy for his knee. Approximately 60% of college athletes report a chronic injury.

Choosing a College (05:30)

Richards will accept Kentucky's offer. Graves explains how being an athlete for a university is different than being a student. Stephen Hieks tries to convince Shaw to work for Enterprise.

Work and Performance (03:42)

Marcia Mount Shoop takes a job in Asheville North Carolina. Chris Chavannes complains about St. Patrick's varsity men's team performance at a basketball game.

"Dustbowl IV" (03:23)

Nacita is not allowed to play while NFL scouts are present. After they leave, the running back scores a touchdown.

Football Try-outs (03:49)

Graves attends a trial to play on "Philadelphia Soul" for the Arena Football League. He makes it through the first cut.

All American Game (02:49)

Richards participates in the game sponsored by McDonald's. Agents, apparel companies, and teams try to get to know the young talent.

Music and Sports (03:54)

Graves raps and sings a gospel song at a studio. Black men make up nearly 56% of NCAA football players, 66% of basketball players, but only 3% of all undergraduate students. Shaw visits Tom White, his former coach.

Athlete Update (11:37)

Silas signs with the German Football League's Marburg Mercenaries. Richards signs a letter of intent to attend the University of Kentucky. Shaw remains unemployed. Shoop coaches high school football; Josh Seignald contacts Graves about playing with the High County Grizzlies.

Credits: Student Athlete (01:40)

Credits: Student Athlete

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