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Family Gathering (03:18)


Mrs. Beatrice Kubheka's family has a thanksgiving celebration after she survives a car accident. Nhlanhla, Miles, and Aaliyah Kubheka speak about their gratitude.

Sibling Differences (04:05)

Beatrice discusses her sons' personalities. Miles is frustrated because his goals are taking longer than expected; he developer works for Microsoft.

Lifestyle Differences (02:43)

Nhlanhla watches TV and discusses idleness. Miles is taking a business trip to a different country. Nhlanhla takes care of the dog.

Parenting Outlook (04:22)

Beatrice works as a market researcher and was once e in advertising; she is divorced. Miles leaves for his business trip; Nhlanhla spends time with friends and plays pool.

Work and Dreams (04:01)

On his business trip to Amsterdam, Miles spends the majority of time in training. Nhlanhla wants to see his daughter finish university. Beatrice asks her granddaughter about a party.

Near Fatal Accident (07:39)

Nhlanhla discusses his head injury that occurred as he was starting a company. The doctors advise him to avoid pressure; Beatrice believes he will recover. Miles returns from Amsterdam and pursues his Master's degree.

Family Dynamics (02:51)

Miles and Nhlanhla discuss how they influence each other and the effect of the older brother's head injury.

Family Outing (03:08)

Beatrice and her grandchildren go to the Hector Pieterson Museum. At lunch, the trio discusses seeing Nelson Mandela's belongings.

Family Concerns (07:04)

Miles confesses he is slightly suicidal because he promised he would make a million dollars before he turned 28. Nhlanhla stole his mother's car and drove it without a license. Beatrice worries that her youngest son never rebelled.

Credits: Nabantwa Bam' (With My Children) (01:43)

Credits: Nabantwa Bam' (With My Children)

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Nabantwa Bam' (With My Children)

Part of the Series : Real Stories from a Free South Africa
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Two brothers live with their successful and ambitious mother, a market researcher, in a comfortable, middle class Soweto home. Nhlanhla came of age during the very repressive and discriminatory last decade of apartheid. His younger brother Miles, who attended a formerly all-white high school, is now a promising computer programmer at Microsoft. This fascinating documentary provides a case study of the emergence of social classes—even within the same family.

Length: 42 minutes

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