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Exile in London (05:00)


Kethiwe Ngcobo celebrates her birthday for the first time since moving to South Africa; she was born in exile. Ngcobo experiences a new type of racism.

Seeking Acceptance (08:00)

Ngcobo visits her mother's family and her older brother, who grew up in South Africa. She wants her son to not feel like an outsider in South African society.

Community Belonging (07:49)

Ngcobo lost the sense of community she had established in London after moving to South Africa. She wants to take part in a Zulu ceremony to welcome her and her son into her mother's family.

Visiting London (06:00)

Ngcobo goes to London to visit her sister. She discusses Zulu traditions and their place within their extended family.

African in London (07:18)

Ngcobo discusses the difficulty of fitting in at school. Many of her friends discuss their embarrassment about being African. They think a relationship would make her feel better about living in South Africa.

Londoner in Africa (05:00)

Ngcobo's friend describe how life in Africa is prescribed by tradition. Ngcobo struggles with balancing the values of both cultures. Her mother expresses guilt about how her children were raised.

Preparing for the Ceremony (06:24)

Ngcobo's family explains the Zulu ceremony to her and her sister. The family prepares the ritual.

Conducting the Ceremony (05:17)

Ngcobo and her sister take part in the ceremony that welcomes them into her mother's family. She accepts that she can never be fully South African.

Credits: Belonging (01:32)

Credits: Belonging

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Born into exile in Britain as the daughter of political emigres, Kethiwe Ngcobo and her family returned to South Africa in 1994. She struggles to find her place in the new South Africa. In her quest for identity, this hip young woman decides to embrace Zulu traditions by going through an initiation ritual—one rejected by her older sister as meaningless.

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