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Cape Town Beauty Pageant (02:22)


Workers from the South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (SACTWU) participate in the largest beauty pageant in Africa. Each of the 100 factories crowns a Spring Queen. The Queen of Queens is chosen at Good Hope Center at the end of the year. (Credits)

Rex Trueform Factory (05:00)

Textile workers discuss why they like the pageant and guess who will win Spring Queen for their factory. During lunch break the pageant choreographer rehearses with those competing.

Pageant Contestants (05:15)

Factory workers earn between 400-600 rand per week. Beverley Julius is the only member of her family who works. Nolitha, Lisle, Micaela, and Shamiela discuss winning the contest.

Working Women (04:36)

Women practice for the pageant. Shamiela hopes her daughter will become an actress. Micaela's boyfriend shares how the couple met.

Final Preparations (03:20)

Micaela knows that if she wins the Spring Queen title, she will need to surrender her crown to the runner-up. Mark announces that Gafsa and Micaela will only take part in the competition for fun and are not eligible to win. Julius bedazzles her dress.

Rex Trueform's Pageant: Round One (05:32)

Participants compete in the casual wear and eveningwear categories. The top five contestants are announced.

Rex Trueform's Pageant: Winner (05:17)

Micaela wins the first princess. Julius wins the Spring Queen competition and celebrates with co-workers.

First Semifinal (04:03)

Julius did not qualify for the finals and no one from Benevolent Fund arrived to cheer her on. Rex Trueform workers make her another dress.

Second Semi-Final (02:25)

The Benevolent Fund arrives to cheer on Julius. She earns her place in the finals. Mark celebrates Rex Trueform's representation at the Good Hope Center.

Rehearsals: Final Spring Queen Pageant (06:49)

Nicole choreographs a dance for the competitors. Julius spends time with her granny after rehearsals. The Benevolent Fund meets to see how they can help Beverley win.

Spring Queen Pageant 2003: Preparations (05:24)

Julius hopes she can win the trophy for Rex Trueform. Muriel of the Benevolent Fund wishes Beverley good luck. Competitors prepare for the evening's event.

Spring Queen Pageant 2003: Competition (05:27)

SACTWU workers compete in dance, casual wear, and eveningwear. Julius describes walking the stage and supporting those who did not become finalists.

Credits: Cinderella of the Cape Flats (01:15)

Credits: Cinderella of the Cape Flats

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Cinderella of the Cape Flats

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Poorly paid garment workers in the "colored" townships around Cape Town have for years made clothes so that other women could dress up. But each year, after working for weeks on glamorous dresses, one woman among them will be crowned in the Annual Spring Queen pageant.

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