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Mother Figure (05:14)


At Ivy's salon, clients discuss their relationships. The beautician gossips about other customers.

Salon Stories (04:08)

Ivy's mother told her to be sexually submissive toward her husband. Sam drops off supplies at the salon. Ivy lost one of her children four years ago.

Ritual and Grief (04:25)

Ivy lights a candle to commemorate her son. At the monthly burial society meeting, participants sing traditional songs and watch wrestling on television.

Birthday Celebrations (04:11)

Ivy did not have birthday parties growing-up. Some white friends gave her presents but she felt badly she could not reciprocate. Lucy, Ivy's daughter, met a boy.

Elderly Clientele (05:07)

Margaret reminisces about her dead husband. Ivy tells her she needs to see a doctor for an ulcer. Maureen Slabe taught at Ivy's children's schools.

Childhood Behavior (06:09)

Ivy plans on visiting her mother and then traveling to Umhlanga. Lizzy was strict with her children and hit them when they misbehaved. Ivy ensured everything was done correctly before her mother arrived home.

Business Venture (06:34)

Ivy began her salon business during Apartheid; many white women did not want her to touch them. The African National Congress and Inkatha Freedom Party fired off shots in her neighborhood.

Crime in South Africa (03:33)

Salon clients discuss the latest crime sprees in the country. One lady believes that whites face discrimination. Another recalls when she was held up with a gun.

Iv's Family Life (02:52)

Ive goes home after work. She wants Lucy to be successful, independent, and happy.

Beauty Treatments (04:12)

Ivy taught Carol how to brush her adoptive daughter's hair. Ivy gives Andy a bikini wax.

Choosing Your Life (03:25)

Ivy believes people should not carry their past and should forge their own futures. She changes into a dress and leaves the salon.

Credits: Hot Wax (01:11)

Credits: Hot Wax

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Ivy is a big, bubbly, black woman living in the poor township of Alexandra who managed to surreptitiously run her own beauty salon during the apartheid years. Her loyal and considerably more privileged white clients live in the Johannesburg suburbs. In a personal way, this engaging documentary reveals how much has changed after the end of apartheid—and how much has not.

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