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Diversity at Berkeley (03:16)


Despite its history within the Civil Rights Movement, the University of California Berkeley currently has a low number of non-white students. Two professors created a class for students of different backgrounds to meet and talk about class and race.

"The Way We Talk About Race" (03:03)

UC Berkeley students discuss how race and diversity is talked about on campus. Many classes talk about racism but the student say the administration has done little to diversify the student body.

"I'm More Black Than Ever" (02:28)

Students share the number of black students that are in each of their classes. Black students talk about the pressuring of being the only black person in an environment.

"A Lot of Us Getting Pushed" (04:15)

Students share how they have been racially profiled. They have widely different experiences of being pulled over by police.

"Lucky to be..." (03:04)

Students write down questions to ask the white students. The white students acknowledge their privileged position compared to the other students.

"I Can be Sure my Race Will Not Work Against Me" (04:21)

Students take a questionnaire about how their race affects their daily lives. A student explains times on campus when people did not believe he was a student.

"To Be an American" (04:40)

Students with immigrate parents talk about identifying as Americans. Many of the minority students view being American as being white. The teachers are beginning to see tensions growing between the students.

"Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution" (06:43)

Students list common stereotypes about white people. The group reacts to the stereotypes and point out that racism is attached to power.

"Just Like Me" (03:54)

Students talk through their misconceptions about race. The students talk about their class diversity and struggle to remain in school.

"If You Identify, Pull Yourself Free" (04:10)

Students respond to a series of questions about their identity. The class discussions their reactions and what it told them about their classmates.

"A Paradigm Shift" (03:52)

Students discuss the disparity in enrollment at UC Berkeley. Many say they have changed their minds about affirmative action.

"How To Go Beyond This Class" (03:51)

Students talk about their experience in the class. Many students still feel they do not have answers to the questions raised within the class.

Credits: What's Race Got to Do with It? (01:26)

Credits: What's Race Got to Do with It?

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Ten years after Skin Deep, a new documentary film chronicles the experiences of a diverse group of college students—in this case, led by veteran UC Berkeley facilitators over the course of a semester—as they confront race, diversity, and their own responsibility for making a difference.

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