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Crisis in Argentina (05:56)


Argentina was a rich, but by 2002 more than 21 million people lived in poverty. An economic crisis led to violent political protests in 2001, challenging harmful economic policies.

Growing Debt in Argentina (04:57)

The nation's debt increased dramatically under military dictatorship. The economics minister remained in place under democratic presidents and continued to implement radical economic policies. It led to a period of prosperity, but collapsed in 2001.

State of Emergency in Argentina (06:39)

In December 2001, the government declared a state of emergency as people took to the streets in protest. Civil groups and NGOs began working to fix the problems. Numerous legal complaints were filed against government officials.

Fraud in Argentina (06:11)

Economic policies increased the national debt; prosecutors believed government officials personally benefited. Argentina was going to default on loans in 2001 and the government did not intervene. Seven banks took advantage of the bad policy for their own financial gain.

Poverty in Argentina (07:31)

Many Argentinians were unsure what the lasting effects of the economic policies would be on the country. Millions of people lived in poverty with little access to resources. A legal complaint was filed, accusing the government of human rights violations and genocide.

Corruption in Argentina (02:54)

The criminal complaint showed civil servants and bankers took part in the policies that devastated the country. The problems began in the 1990s and officials faced criminal charges.

Protests in Argentina (08:56)

The government criminalized civil protests and police reacted violently to peaceful assemblies. The police violated Argentina's constitution by barring protesting workers from a privately-owned building.

Fundamental Rights in Argentina (08:12)

Argentina's Constitution and international treaties protect free speech. Complaints are filed against the government for repression and killing the leaders of social movements. Argentinians continue to fight to better the situation.

Credits: May Justice Be Done (01:19)

Credits: May Justice Be Done

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By any standard, Argentina was a very rich country until the 1970s, with competitive industries, modern agriculture, and a prosperous middle class. By 2001, 21 out of 36 million people were living below the poverty level, and formerly eradicated diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy reemerged.

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