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Proposition 8 (07:01)


The proposition that repealed marriage equality in California, passed the same night Barack Obama was elected president. Campaign organizers for Prop. 8 reached out to the black faith community. LGBT organizers framed marriage as a civil right and assumed black community support.

Marriage Equality in Maryland (03:50)

Irene Huskens, a police officer in Maryland, shared how marriage equality would benefit her family. In February 2012, the Maryland governor signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Referendum in Maryland (04:26)

Opponents worked to get a referendum on the ballot so citizens could vote on whether to uphold the law. The black faith community was one of the main organizers in the opposition. National Black Justice Coalition worked to uphold the marriage equality law.

Cultivating Fear Through Religion (06:16)

The far right and black religious leaders used religion to preach hatred and achieve political goals. Black churches have always been as fundamentally conservative as white evangelical churches.

Education on Marriage Equality (06:28)

Marriage equality was placed on the ballot in November 2012. Black LGBT organizers realized education was necessary within the black community. They explained the need for different members of the community to stand up for each other.

Marriage as a Civil right (08:40)

Before Question 6 in Maryland, marriage equality was on the ballot more than 30 times and never approved. The black faith community worked to distance marriage from being recognized as a civil right, while LGBT organizers argued the opposite. Many in the black community believed being gay was a choice.

Sexuality in the African American Community (05:18)

Sexuality was a taboo subject in the community. Faith has been traditionally used to get through hardships, dating back to family separation during slavery.

Black Leaders and Marriage Equality (05:41)

Obama voiced his support for marriage equality before the vote in Maryland. Leaders in the black faith community soon followed. Black churches played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement.

Homophobia in Gospel (06:51)

Tonex shared his story of coming out as a black gospel singer. He decided to come out publicly so it would not become a scandal. Many of his fans and the faith-based community turned away him.

Homophobia in the Bible (06:19)

Many in the black community believed homosexuality is a choice and against the Bible. LGBT organizers in Maryland discussed the way the Bible condemns homosexuality.

Marriage Equality Vote in Maryland (09:56)

LGBT organizers and religious leaders prepared for the marriage equality vote on Election Day. It was approved by 52%.

Credits: The New Black: LGBT Rights and African American Communities (03:52)

Credits: The New Black: LGBT Rights and African American Communities

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