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Caiman (04:30)


Manaus,a port city on the Amazon River, is next to the rainforest. Caiman are large predators that live in and around the city and look similar to alligators. A caiman are sometimes found in shallow waters where people swim.

Tracking Caiman (04:50)

When caiman hatch, they head to the water while their mothers watch. A crested caracara eats a baby caiman. Scientists attach a transmitter to a caiman’s hard scales to learn more about its behavior.

Snakes (04:13)

Manaus' hot and dry season affects cold-blooded creatures. Snakes try to find cool places to escape the heat. A boa constrictor enters a house looking for a cold, dark place.

Rescuing Snakes (02:17)

When people find snakes in their homes, they call an expert at INPA who will identify and catch the species. The expert rescues a boa constrictor in and puts it in a bag, which makes the snake go to sleep.

Releasing Caiman (04:56)

A doctor and his team release a caiman they caught and tagged. The people of Manaus are scared of caiman; they are opportunistic predators that eat anything.

Green Iguana (03:33)

Manaus is full of reptiles, lizards, snakes, and caiman. Green iguanas climb everything looking for leaves to eat. When they are hunted, they jump from trees and freefall to the water or ground.

Caiman in Manaus (08:07)

A doctor and his team learn that caiman have taken over the sewer system in Manaus; they have adapted incredible immune systems. The team catches, tags, and releases another caiman.

Reptiles in Manaus (04:48)

Sauim Castanheiras is a sanctuary that can manage all types of reptiles. The basilisk lizard can run on water to escape a predator. Experts rescue a rainbow boa constrictor that was found in someone’s kitchen.

Green Anaconda (04:12)

CIGS houses world’s heaviest snake. It takes multiple people to catch and carry the snake to perform a health check. The anaconda is slow on land, but fast in water, and feeds on large animals.

Yellow Anaconda (06:59)

A yellow anaconda is pregnant and gives birth to live young; the babies leave the mother immediately. Another large snake slithers into a heated pool and is eventually rescued and released into the wild by a biologist.

Credits: City of Reptiles—World's Wildest City: Manaus (00:35)

Credits: City of Reptiles—World's Wildest City: Manaus

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Manaus is full of reptiles, and these cold-blooded creatures often get themselves into trouble. Anaconda are found in people’s bedrooms, tortoises are on the side of the road, and a caiman has been found in the shallow waters of a popular beach, causing panic. Dr. Ronis Da Silveira, a world renowned caiman expert, has been called in to solve the mystery of this sudden influx of these creatures in the city.

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