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Pied Tamarins (02:17)


Manaus is a metropolis in Northern Brazil. The pied tamarin is a primate that lives in trees along highways. The tamarins are afraid of traffic and people, and they are running out of food.

Squirrel Monkeys (03:35)

Monkeys have taken over the streets of Manaus, adapting to city life and getting food in new ways. They have developed a sweet tooth and attempt to open a can of soda.

Attempted Theft (03:19)

Pied tamarins are shy, but a troop tries to steal fruit from a bowl inside someone’s house. In the city, they struggle to obtain food because they are not as bold as squirrel monkeys.

Monkeys at the Bar (02:47)

Squirrel monkeys watch a man making caipirinhas. When the man leaves, the troop raids the bar. One monkey is the lookout and sounds the alarm before the bartender returns.

Injured Tamarin (03:32)

Hungry pied tamarins attempt to enter the city in search of food. The alpha sends a warning, but the troop cannot hear her and one is hit by a car. Someone calls a tamarin expert to take the tamarin and gather information.

Tagging Tamarins (02:49)

Dr. Gordo wants to save pied tamarins by getting them out of the city. He plants trees so the tamarins can have an escape route out of the city. Gordo tags every member of the troop.

Agoutis (05:30)

These rodents eat fruits and nuts in nature, but steal pet food in Manaus. Agoutis also wait for Brazilian nuts to drop to the ground, chew through the shell to get the nuts, and bury the leftovers.

Woolly Monkeys (04:02)

Woolly monkeys live in CIGS Zoo, an animal sanctuary run by the army in Manaus. A female is sick and losing her hair. A vet gives her a check-up and tricks her into taking medicine with the help of a banana.

White-Faced Saki (03:00)

The sakis live in the jungle near Manaus and are rarely seen. The males are black and white and the females are brown with orange spots; they have huge tails.

Capuchin Monkeys (04:58)

At the SITAS Sanctuary in Manaus, veterinarians care for several species of monkey that live in the city. Capuchins are one of the most intelligent primates in the Amazon rainforest. A veterinarian bottle feeds an orphan baby capuchin.

Manaus Wildlife Sanctuaries (07:44)

The Tropical Zoo in Manaus houses white-bellied spider monkeys. At the SITAS Sanctuary, a vet performs a checkup on a white-faced saki infant. At INPA wildlife park, employees prepare fruit to feed various primate species.

Tracking Pied Tamarins (04:02)

At the Tamarin Research Center, a doctor examines a female and notices she is pregnant with twins. The doctor puts a tracker on the female so he can find the troop later.

Credits: Life in the Trees—World's Wildest City: Manaus (00:35)

Credits: Life in the Trees—World's Wildest City: Manaus

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This episode focuses on the monkeys of Manaus. We meet the small and timid pied tamarin monkey, an endangered species struggling to find food in the urban jungle. Their shyness means that they are often outmaneuvered by their more confident cousin, the squirrel monkey. Squirrel monkeys roam the city in large gangs, stealing food whenever they can find it. We also meet the white faced saki, another small, cautious monkey that feeds primarily on unripe fruit and seeds.

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