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Paighton and Service Dog Portia (04:17)


A girl with post-concussion syndrome receives help from a border collie/lab mix. Paighton lives with ongoing concussion symptoms and Portia helps by providing comfort and stability.

Portia's Skills (03:06)

Portia helps Paighton with mobility and anxiety-related tasks, alerts for over-stimulation, and scents for chemicals that bother Paighton. Paighton takes Portia to a pottery class; Portia reduces her anxiety.

Kids Train Dogs (02:22)

Power Paws Assistance Dogs trains service dogs for people with disabilities. They have a summer camp for kids ages 10-17 where the kids teach dogs new skills and learn about dogs and disabilities.

Travis and Service Monkey Siggy (07:04)

A capuchin monkey helps a man who lost the use of his limbs after a fall. Helping Hands Monkey Helpers is a non-profit organization that trains monkeys to help people with disabilities. Monkeys can do intricate tasks and are intelligent.

Affection and Encouragement (04:09)

Siggy shows signs of affection by sound and grooming. Travis gives a speech to a young men’s group at a local high school. He talks about how decisions impact lives and how to stay positive in difficult times.

Credits: Paighton & Portia/Travis & Siggy—Collar of Duty: Season 2 (00:32)

Credits: Paighton & Portia/Travis & Siggy—Collar of Duty: Season 2

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Paighton & Portia/Travis & Siggy—Collar of Duty: Season 2

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 2
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After sustaining a life-altering head injury, a young girl is given a second chance at a normal childhood thanks to her mobility assistance dog, Portia. In Lodi, California, a capuchin monkey named Siggy inspires newfound purpose in the life of Travis, a quadriplegic with a cervical spine injury.

Length: 23 minutes

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