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Greg and a Therapy Parrot (03:40)


A military veteran suffering from PTSD receives help from a parrot named Bella. After returning home, Greg could not sleep, so he would walk to the aviary and be with the birds.

How Parrots Help (05:22)

Bella has a positive impact on Greg’s recovery and he begins volunteering at Birds of Paradise. Time with the birds helps veterans with PTSD stay calm; they provide distraction and comfort, and help with sociability. Greg runs a marathon and birds are waiting for him at the finish line.

Rescue Parrots (02:54)

Birds of Paradise Sanctuary and Rescue provides a home or rehabilitation for parrots who are displaced, abused, or rescued. Avian therapy helps children, young adults, and veterans with PTSD; parrots are vocal, intuitive, intelligent, and sociable.

Noah and Service Dog Riley (05:20)

An English Cocker Spaniel is a medical alert service dog for a boy who has Type I diabetes. Riley can detect Noah’s frequent and extreme swings in blood sugar and will alert others. On his own, Riley has learned to detect and alert for seizures.

Noah's Independence (03:42)

Noah’s biggest passion is sports. His parents have always been close by because he is at risk for a seizure or possible coma. Noah receives a golf lesson away from his parents with the help of Riley.

Credits: Greg & the Parrots/Noah & Riley—Collar of Duty: Season 2 (00:30)

Credits: Greg & the Parrots/Noah & Riley—Collar of Duty: Season 2

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Greg & the Parrots/Noah & Riley—Collar of Duty: Season 2

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 2
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A US war veteran diagnosed with PTSD finds solace in rescue parrots, Bella and Chico. Riley, an English Spaniel, can detect life threatening drops in Noah's blood sugar levels.

Length: 23 minutes

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