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Brooklyn and Abby (03:04)


Abby, a Labrador Retriever, is a medically-trained service dog and protector of a six-year-old girl with Fay Syndrome. Abby was abandoned, but Ten Center Service Dogs thought she would make a good service dog, and taught Brooklyn how to train her. Abby was specifically trained to listen to irregular heart rhythms and respond by barking or nudging.

Abby’s Skills (02:19)

Abby can detect abnormalities and changes in Brooklyn’s body chemistry; she makes Brooklyn and her parents feel safe. Abby can sense when Brooklyn’s heart is beating too fast and will pull her clothes and make Brooklyn sit on the floor. Abby is also alerting to things she was not trained for—seizures and Brooklyn’s new heart condition.

Brooklyn’s Independence (02:22)

Labradors have a reputation of being good with children, easy-going, and trusting with strangers. Because Brooklyn has Abby, her parents feel safe and allow her to go on her first playdate alone. With Abby, Brooklyn can be more independent; she grows, she will be able to detect if something is wrong with her body.

Training Dogs for Autistic Children (01:40)

The Lion’s Foundation teaches dogs the skills they need to assist children with autism. Dogs that work with autistic children have specific commands to protect and play a therapeutic role. The handlers show the command ‘halt’ and teach a dog to be comfortable on a trampoline.

Butch and Spirit (02:39)

Spirit is a playful Australian Shepherd that works for a veteran who suffers from war-related PTSD. Spirit was trained for two years in advanced obedience, distraction, and avoidance. Because Spirit has a gentle and calm demeanor, she makes Butch feel at ease; he can go outside and be comfortable in public.

How Spirit Helps Butch (03:07)

When Butch returned from deployment, he would not go outside, was scared and depressed, had anxiety and sleep apnea, and was emotionless. Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and are masters at reading body language and eye contact. Spirit provides Butch with opportunities to do familiar activities.

Spirit Helps with Triggers (05:40)

The freezer aisle is a major trigger for Butch because the humming of the freezers takes his mind back to the traumatic event he experienced. If Spirit reads Butch’s body language and senses an increased heart rate and anxious behavior, she will physically redirect Butch to a calm place. Spirit’s job is to remind Butch he is in a safe place and help him relax.

Credits: Brooklyn & Abbey/Butch & Spirit—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:30)

Credits: Brooklyn & Abbey/Butch & Spirit—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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Brooklyn & Abbey/Butch & Spirit—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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The parents of a little girl at risk of stroke can rest a little easier now that a sweet Yellow service Lab is able to alert them to any abnormalities in their daughter’s physiology. An alert Australian Shepherd named Spirit keeps her handler in the present when he shuts down due to the effects of PTSD, when environmental triggers remind him of his time in pirate infested seas.

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