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Liane and Harley (05:07)


Harley, a European Black Labrador, is a service dog for Liane who has Complex PTSD. Liane helped saved her daughter’s friend whose car rolled backward and flipped upside down in a river. The traumatic event led to Liane having intense fear of water, darkness, and the cold.

How Harley Helps Liane (03:16)

Liane learned about the benefits of service dogs and found Dominium Assistance Dogs, an organization that provides dogs for people with PTSD. She met Harley and within a month, her family could see a change in behavior. Harley helps Liane shut down triggers, stop nightmares, participate in family activities, and provides her a sense of security.

Training Dogs like Harley (03:11)

Harley helps Liane go swimming by showing her that the water is safe. Lisa Marie Gelmo developed PTSD and founded Dominion Assistance Dogs. People are encouraged to train their own dogs with obedience, specific tasks, and socialization.

Jason and Blaze (06:08)

As a result of an accident at work, Jason had severe depression and anxiety and obtained his therapy dog Blaze through Courageous Companions. Standard Poodles make good service dogs because of their temperament, intelligence, and general good health. Blaze helps Jason with having a routine, reducing anxiety and nightmares, and improving physical activity.

Overcoming Fear with Blaze (03:15)

Firefighters asked Jason to visit, but he had been unable. Having Blaze helps him conquer fear and anxiety, and allows Jason to visit the fire hall. It can take up to two years of training for a dog to become a certified service dog.

Credits: Liane & Harley/Jason & Blaze—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:30)

Credits: Liane & Harley/Jason & Blaze—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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Liane & Harley/Jason & Blaze—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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A lumbering Black Labrador named Harley helps his owner overcome the obstacles related to PTSD after a traumatic accident in frigid waters. A firefighter struggles with the toll his 20 year career took on him, but he is putting his life back together with the help of a rambunctious young service dog named Blaze.

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