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Michelle and Thompson (04:16)


Thompson is a standard poodle that works as a guide dog for Michelle who is blind; she lost her vision in her teens. Thompson was trained in the canine vision program to keep Michelle safe; he also helps with her anxiety.

Benefits of Poodle Guide Dogs (05:47)

Poodles like Thompson are intelligent and can learn a massive vocabulary. They shed less than other dogs, so they have less dander and fewer allergens. Thomson helps Michelle attend school and calms her nerves while they go sailing.

Training Guide Dogs (02:12)

Guide dogs attend a training facility. In Canada, the Lions Foundation trains dogs for canine vision, seizure response, autism assistance, or diabetic alert. A dog trainer shows how the dogs are trained with the puppy Zazu.

Rob and Thor (03:48)

Thor is a King German Shepherd that works as a companion dog for Rob who has war-related PTSD. German Shepherds are known for strength, intelligence, trainability and obedience. They are loyal, protective, and can be trained for disability assistance, search and rescue, police and military roles, and acting.

Thor Helps Rob Socialize (02:21)

Thor helps Rob become more social by first getting him out of his house. They go to Wag, the dog-friendly coffee house, where Rob has met other veterans. Thor helps Rob face his past and make new friends.

Rob and Thor’s Museum Visit (02:30)

Rob takes Thor to the Canadian War Museum. The museum has been too traumatic for Rob to attend without Thor. When Rob gets emotional, Thor responds appropriately.

Credits: Michelle & Thomson/Rob & Thor—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:33)

Credits: Michelle & Thomson/Rob & Thor—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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Michelle & Thomson/Rob & Thor—Collar of Duty: Season 1

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 1
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After losing her sight as a teen and falling into a deep depression, a young woman finally gets her life back with the help of a guide Poodle named Thomson. German Shepherd Thor is the hero of this story, helping former military veteran Rob deal with isolation and anxiety brought on by PTSD.

Length: 23 minutes

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