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Asteroids—Space Colonies

Item #: 165465

The Moon—Space Colonies

Item #: 165466

Mars—Space Colonies

Item #: 165467

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Space Colonies

The Series Includes : Asteroids—Space Colonies | The Moon—Space Colonies | Mars—Space Colonies
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It’s possible that in the near future the earth could become uninhabitable due to climate change or overpopulation. As a result, we may need to move to an orbital space colony or to another place like the moon or Mars. Present-day technology means this is not just something from a science fiction movie or book, but possibly a reality within this century. This series explores the challenges of settling each of these locations, as well as the encouraging technological advances that suggest we will be able to overcome these challenges.

Length: 156 minutes

Item#: BVL165464

ISBN: 978-1-64481-271-6

Copyright date: ©2018

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