Segments in this Video

What Does it Mean to Be Beautiful? (02:08)


Beautiful women have a reputation for having everything they want. What is it really like to be beautiful and what does mean? Several random individuals give share their definitions of beauty.

Choosing Beautiful Women (00:52)

Two pageant winners, an exotic dancer, a former pop musician, a college student, an assistant paralegal, a physician, and an entrepreneur have been chosen for a discussion about being beautiful.

Hollywood Image of Beauty (02:03)

Two women who are considered beautiful by others are given makeovers in order to demonstrate some of the tricks used to give women a glamorous look.

Uncomfortable Beauty (01:15)

A woman who was chosen to participate in a documentary based on her beauty chooses not to continue with the project when she finds out the topic.

Silent Beauty (01:44)

Several women who are considered beautiful by others express embarrassment when asked to discuss themselves in those terms.

Acceptable Beauty (01:47)

Some of the beautiful documentary subjects grew up in families where beauty was emphasized. An African American woman shares her story of growing up with light skin in the South.

Beauty as an Asset (00:41)

An exotic dancer explains how she grew up under the impression that her looks would get her much further than her brains.

Ugly Ducklings (01:28)

Many women who are considered beautiful today grew up feeling ugly. Documentary participants share their feelings about growing up feeling less than beautiful.

Insecure Beauty (01:58)

Documentary subjects who are considered beautiful by others share what they perceive as their flaws. An exotic dancer discusses her insecurities about her body.

Beautiful Swans (02:00)

Documentary subjects share the moments they began to feel beautiful. A beauty pageant winner confesses she still does not consider herself beautiful.

Preferential Treatment (01:10)

Women who are considered beautiful describe how they were treated growing up.

Beauty as Power (01:33)

An exotic dancer describes the moment she realized that her beauty would take her further than college.

Beauty as a Blessing (01:13)

Women who are considered beautiful discuss the benefits of being beautiful. Feeling free to express themselves and ask others for help are two advantages.

Appreciated Beauty (01:57)

Women who are considered beautiful share stories of receiving gifts and special treatment from people they don't even know.

Professional Beauty (01:52)

Documentary subjects who are considered beautiful discuss the advantages of being beautiful in their professional fields.

Exploiting Beauty (01:55)

A former musician describes how she used her beauty to further her career. She knows that it was her looks not her talent that helped her achieve success.

Filling an Emotional Void (01:29)

A beautiful documentary subject explains how and why she became an exotic dancer.

Searching for Approval (01:28)

For one beautiful woman stripping was a continuation of the adulation she received winning beauty contests during her teen years. She describes exotic dancers as women with extremely low self esteem.

Beauty as a Curse (02:01)

Documentary subjects who are considered beautiful by others describe situations where their beauty was a hindrance in both personal and professional settings.

Beauty Stereotypes (01:22)

Documentary subjects who are considered beautiful discuss what it feels like to have their intelligence underestimated because of their beauty. A pageant winner proves that beautiful woman can be smart too.

Jealous of Beauty (01:42)

Beautiful documentary subjects describe being shunned by other women during their teenage years.

Beauty and Conflict (02:15)

Beautiful documentary subjects describe problems with friends that were caused by their perceived physical beauty.

Beauty and Violence (02:22)

One beautiful documentary subject describes being beaten and sexually assaulted as a child and how these attacks related to her looks.

Cat Calls (02:01)

Beautiful documentary subjects describe getting attention from stranger and colleagues. Some women find it complimentary while others feel uncomfortable/

Negative Attention (01:13)

Two beautiful documentary subjects share stories that illustrate how beauty can draw negative comments and attention from men.

Love and Beauty (01:20)

Documentary subjects who are considered beautiful talk about how difficult it can be to find a date.

Beauty and Relationships (01:54)

An exotic dancer confesses that she cannot find a man who will love her for anything more than her looks. Her past relationships have been unhealthy and she believes she will end up alone.

Rock Star to Housewife (01:53)

A beautiful documentary subject who once relied on her looks describes what life was like once she left the glamorous music industry. After gaining a large amount of weight she had to cultivate her personality rather than rely on her good looks.

Beauty and Weight Issues (02:14)

A beautiful documentary subject describes her battle with weight. She explains how people treated her differently when she was overweight than they did when she was slim and beautiful.

Aging Beauty (01:36)

Beautiful documentary subjects discuss the aging process. Some want plastic surgery while others plan to embrace their mature beauty.

Beauty and Happiness (01:44)

Documentary subjects who are considered beautiful explain how their physical looks relate to overall satisfaction with life.

Reality of Beauty (02:28)

Documentary subjects who are considered beautiful explain why looks aren't the key to happiness.

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Society tells us that beautiful women have it all. But beauty can be as much a curse as it is a blessing. In this sensitively filmed program, eight women labeled as beautiful—two pageant winners, an exotic dancer, a former pop musician, a college student, an assistant paralegal, a physician, and an entrepreneur—explore body image issues through their frank stories of how concepts and realities of physical beauty have molded their lives for both better and worse. Objectification, negative stereotyping, insecurity, and vulnerability are recurring themes, as are opportunity and preferential treatment. A study of skin-deep attractiveness, the video offers empowering insights into inner beauty as well. (55 minutes)

Length: 55 minutes

Item#: BVL40721

ISBN: 978-1-61616-238-2

Copyright date: ©2008

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“A remarkably subtle yet surprising look at the self-images of those society calls ‘beautiful.’”—Hilary Klein, M.D., Psychiatrist


Official Selection of the Indie Spirit Film Festival

2008 Moondance Int'l Film Festival semi-finalist

Official Selection of GirlFest Hawaii Film Festival


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