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Controversial Activist Paul Watson (04:15)


Silver Donald Cameron introduces viewers to Watson and his activities. Watson discusses his encounter with a bull sperm whale and harpooners in June 1975.

Greenpeace Foundation (05:09)

Watson recalls his early involvement with animals and Greenpeace. The Quakers and the Sierra Club join to form the environmental organization. Watson explains the foundation trilogy; Greenpeace has lost its original meaning.

Environmental Movement (05:15)

Watson does not consider himself a protestor; he views the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as an anti-poaching organization. He discusses the idea that only sovereign nations can enforce conservationist ethics beyond national boundaries. SSCS hopes to economically sink the Japanese whaling fleet.

Whaling Intervention (02:13)

Watson discusses Japanese whaling quotas, the danger in confronting whalers, and the lack of support by international governments. The Japanese government condemns Watson as a terrorist.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (03:57)

Watson recalls an encounter with Patrick Moore that contributed to his resignation from Greenpeace, and the support he received for his first vessel and seal campaign. SSCS is a "word-of-mouth" organization and has three basic precepts.

Ocean Specialization and Arrests (05:21)

SSCS focuses on marine wildlife species. Watson believes that individuals rather than governments make a difference in conservation. He discusses jail time, violent interactions, and a cruelty-free form of sealing.

RV Farley Mowat (03:55)

Watson discusses the Canadian government's attack on the Sea Shepherd vessel in 2008 and the seizure of property. He cites political intervention and the lack of due process.

Making-up Statistics (02:30)

Watson explains past comments about activists bending the truth like Ronald Reagan; an aura of confidence is necessary. He discusses working with actors.

Br'er Rabbit Ploy (04:38)

In 2008, the SSCS sends the RV Farley Mowat to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence as the "tar baby." Watson discusses the advantage over Canadian politicians.

Funding Conservation (02:44)

SSCS grows by word of mouth and volunteers crew the ships; the organization's annual budget is $3 million. Watson reflects on criticism and commanding vessels.

Conservation Strategies and Laws (09:38)

Watson discusses sinking the Sierra, Spanish whaling vessels, Icelandic whaling vessels, Norwegian whaling vessels, and a Taiwanese drift netter; Iceland refuses to charge him as a criminal. Watson reflects on the law vs. justice, D.O.F. actions, abuse of the law, and penalties.

Special Rights for Humanity? (05:15)

Watson explains his philosophy of biocentrism and the three laws of ecology; we are diminishing diversity on the planet. He reflects on crimes against nature and justifying violence.

Sinking the Sierra (08:27)

Watson describes the events that resulted in the sinking of the whaling vessel. He reflects on the lessons he learned from the encounter, filming seal killings in Siberia, and an encounter with the Norwegian Navy.

Population Reduction (11:35)

Every year, someone buys the options to "The Story of Paul Watson," helping to support SSCS. Watson believes the population will reduce to one billion by the 22nd century; he reflects on resources, procreation, and water.

Anthropocentric Humanity (07:30)

Watson admits to being misanthropic; making the Laws of Nature top priority is the key to survival. He laments humanity's ability to forget extinct species and adapt to diminishment. Watson explains how he avoids despair.

Credits: Paul Watson: The Journey of the Sea Shepherd (00:11)

Credits: Paul Watson: The Journey of the Sea Shepherd

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This episode of the Green Interview features Paul Watson, an animal rights activist and stalwart advocate of the marine environment. He is the founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which intervenes with illegal fishing and whaling activity using direct action to achieve its goals. He has been arrested numerous times, on charges stemming from collisions with poaching whaling and sealing boats, but he has never been convicted of a crime. Watson endorses “monkeywrenching,” the practice of covertly sabotaging illegal whaling ships, as well as scuttling, the practice of deliberately sinking ships by forcefully creating holes in the hull. Watson continues to skipper Sea Shepherd boats and is a prolific author and lecturer. He has written six books and lectures at universities around the world.

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