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Marshall McLuhan (05:22)


McLuhan was born in Edmonton and moved to Winnipeg at the age of four. He would become a media icon and make significant contributions to media theory. His connection to Winnipeg is largely overlooked.

McLuhan's Early Career (06:08)

McLuhan built boats and wanted to become an engineer. He studied philosophy and literature, and was fascinated with G.K. Chesterton. He wrote about symbolism and icons in the works of famous writers.

McLuhan and Psychology (05:46)

McLuhan wrote about psychology and argued with traditionally trained psychologists. McLuhan had connections to numerous psychologists and theorists from Winnipeg.

McLuhan's Family (06:05)

McLuhan's grandparents were Scotch-Irish and moved west to Manitoba when his father was a child. McLuhan credited his drive to contribute to society to his father, who was also interested in psychology and Shakespeare. Extended family members lived with McLuhan and his parents in Winnipeg.

McLuhan's Biography (08:53)

In the 1970s, McLuhan recorded interviews with Anglo-French journalist Nina Sutton. She planned to turn them into a biography but was told McLuhan was no longer considered interesting. He told Sutton about his childhood and his relationship with his parents.

McLuhan and Performances (08:27)

McLuhan's mother was an apprising actress, who put on performances and readings in Winnipeg. McLuhan did performance and dance as a child. His wife, Corinne, was an actress, who trained at a school in Boston.

McLuhan and Institutions (06:33)

McLuhan lost faith in the church at a young age. He distrusted all institutions and believed they were destined to fail.

McLuhan and the Media (09:11)

McLuhan became a well-known media theorist. He had written numerous books and was widely quoted about television and the emerging global society.

McLuhan and Communication (04:19)

McLuhan wrote extensively about communication and intercommunication. His work heavily influenced the development of the Toronto School of Communication.

McLuhan's Legacy (06:58)

Today, many students in Winnipeg are not familiar with McLuhan's work. Some people refer to his work as a product of the 1960s.

McLuhan and Winnipeg (03:15)

The University of Manitoba never became the great communication school McLuhan wanted. Many think McLuhan is from Toronto or Cambridge.

Credits: McLuhan Unclaimed: I Am A Winnpigeon! (02:29)

Credits: McLuhan Unclaimed: I Am A Winnpigeon!

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The effect of Winnipeg's unique topography on the great Canadian professor Marshall McLuhan's mind helped to formulate his philosophical media theories and perceptions: "The Seer of the Global Village, Grew Up in Osborne Village" and the worldwide and local implications for contemporary society. McLuhan is everywhere, permeating the ether of our modern digitally market-driven age. Yet McLuhan seems to stand next-to-last in line as a celebrated person in Winnipeg where he is currently: McLuhan Unclaimed!

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