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Introduction: Human Gods & Technology (02:08)


Humans are learning how to design and create life; technology has determined our development throughout history. Yuval Harari and Kevin Kelly question man's role as god, and what it is to be human.

Applying Past to Future (03:34)

Historian Harai explains Middle Eastern perspective of the modern age, describing cultural duality and religious realities. Religion and mythology have greatly impacted human history; Harai asserts that clergy, ideologues and politicians will determine how technology is used. He discusses the achievements of man in juxtaposition to our destructive nature and believes that biotechnology will transform us into gods.

Technological Reliance (04:30)

Humans often fear technology while being dependent on it. In the wild, self-reliance was essential; we now specialize, lacking the various skills required for basic survival. Mankind now appears to be one organism; Harai predicts that with the rise of brain-computer interfacing, people will literally become part of a network.

Technological Evolution (05:59)

Futurist Kevin Kelly takes a pragmatic approach to artificial intelligence, challenging popular notions of it bringing demise; he discusses collaboration and compares technology to a large brain; he feels that its development is part of the evolutionary process. He analogizes his Whole Earth theory; a cellphone is connected to servers, other devices and three billion human minds, forming a super system. He predict that the global brain will have thoughts of its own.

Power of Knowledge (05:12)

Harai explains Dataism, the idea that people can be controlled by biometric data; he asserts that search engines know individuals better than they know themselves. Understanding how people think and feel allows manipulation of choice and perspective. Algorithms managing our decision making process mark the end of individualism.

Technology Religion (06:20)

Religion is defined as a story legitimizing human existence and providing authorities capable of answering big questions. The Bible is the source of authority for Judeo-Christian faiths; for dataism, it is the algorithm, those who own the data are its gods. Harai discusses the meaning of life as a decision making process and how that will change as we progressively use technology.

Being Human (05:07)

Search engines continue to develop due through algorithms, and are integrated with artificial intelligence; advancements in technology occur every day. Kelly discusses philosophical questions for humanity and what it means to be human; he compares treatment of artificial intelligence to that of alien life.

Relating to Artificial Intelligence (02:48)

Hiroshi Ishiguro builds androids and researches human response to them; he encourages interactions with his creations. Kelly discusses ethical treatment of robots and how our behavior toward them will affect us.

Gods and General Population (03:56)

Harai argues that the creation of artificial intelligence makes gods of humans and technology; most will not have control over big data algorithms and lose personal value and control. He discusses people's worries about becoming obsolete and how virtual reality games could be the new meaning of life for many.

Becoming Virtual (04:30)

Harai states that religion is a virtual reality game; dying with positive points gets the player into heaven. He asserts that humanity will destroy itself or evolve through integration of technology. Artificial intelligence is part of nature, an extension of human evolution, and obeys the laws of physics; Kelly predicts that it will break out of the limited realm of organic biology to create something new.

Credits: Human Gods & Technology (00:42)

Credits: Human Gods & Technology

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What will our world look like in 25 years’ time? No one knows for sure. By that time our work may have been entirely taken over by autonomic robots. Our world controlled by a single global brain as we are left to be slaves to the technology we were responsible for creating. But there is a chance that things will not develop that quickly and instead, we will make the robots our slaves. Will we become immortal and therefore be able to call ourselves gods in our own self-made highly-intelligent system? The big questions about the future of the human race and its relationship to technology we ask of two influential experts at this time: Kevin Kelly and Yuval Noah Harari. Kevin Kelly is the writer of influential works including What Technology Wants and The Inevitable. Yuval Noah Harari is the writer of the books pertaining to the history of the human race: Sapiens and Homo Deus.

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