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Fidel Castro and Human Rights in Cuba (08:34)


President Fidel Castro responds to accusations of human rights violations in Cuba. Castro explains how he classifies the country's almost 200 political prisoners. He explains the country's lack of a free press system.

Cuba's Political System (04:29)

Castro responds to criticism that he forces the Cuba people to believe in his revolution. He defends the country's one party system and how it is not repressive.

Castro's Plans for Angola (01:53)

Castro explains the situation in Angola and responds to the criticism that Cuban soldiers are against serving there. Castro refuses to say how many have been killed in Angola.

Castro's Politics (03:42)

Castro explains the mistakes he has made while in power. He has made few political mistakes, but acknowledges his economic mistakes. He criticizes capitalism.

Cuba's Defense System (05:18)

Castro defends the growth of the country's military and defense system. He explains how protecting the country is the duty of every Cuban.

Castro's Success (03:42)

Castro explains how the Cuban Revolution has helped the country. He refutes that he is disappointed by anything that has happened. He talks about how long he will remain president.

Credits: Cuban President Fidel Castro in Cuba: Extended Interview (2/12/85) (00:01)

Credits: Cuban President Fidel Castro in Cuba: Extended Interview (2/12/85)

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Cuban President Fidel Castro in Cuba: Extended Interview (2/12/85)

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This program is part 2 of Robert MacNeil's extensive interview with Cuban President Fidel Castro, in Cuba, on human rights in Cuba.

Length: 28 minutes

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