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Cuba and the United States (08:28)


Journalist Robert MacNeil explains the new immigration agreement between the U.S. and Cuba. He visits Havana, which has suffered under Castro's rule and the trade blockade from the U.S. MacNeil asks Castro about his plans for relations with the U.S.

Cuba and the Soviet Union (08:26)

Castro explains Cuba's relationship to the Soviet Union, which is an important financial partner. Castro states that he will not harm the relationship to help relations with the U.S.

Castro's Ideology (04:02)

Castro responds to allegations from the United States that he is spreading Marxism and Leninism in the Western Hemisphere. He calls himself a revolutionary for Cuba and claims that cannot be exported to other Latin American nations.

Cuba and the Nicaraguan Revolution (07:38)

Castro explains Cuba's involvement in Nicaragua. He gives his opinions on possible political situations and how the U.S. is failing to achieve them.

Cuba and Angola (04:35)

Castro talks about the possibility of removing Cuban troops from Angola. The U.S. says it is a requirement to improving relations with Cuba.

Credits: Cuban President Fidel Castro in Cuba: Extended Interview (2/11/85) (00:00)

Credits: Cuban President Fidel Castro in Cuba: Extended Interview (2/11/85)

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Cuban President Fidel Castro in Cuba: Extended Interview (2/11/85)

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This program is part 1 of Robert MacNeil's extensive interview with Cuban President Fidel Castro, in Cuba, on Cuban relations with the U.S.

Length: 34 minutes

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