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Child Bullies at Home (03:53)


In two households, the children dictate the atmosphere of the home by disobeying. A young child bully has trouble communicating.

Speech Problems and Bad Behavior (04:05)

Twins at three-and-a-half torment their mother willfully. Can mom teach the children good behavior? A child with speech difficulties takes out his frustration on his brother and mother.

Children and Grief (03:57)

A child deals with the death of a father-figure. He and his mother struggle with the child's sleeplessness and fear. A mother needs a strict set of rules to deal with her unruly twins.

Speech and Language Therapy (03:18)

A child works with a speech and language specialist. The specialist explains the child's difficulties and demonstrates how she works with the child.

Children and House Rules (02:26)

Twin boys have temper tantrums and refuse to obey their mother. In time, they grasp the concept of house rules. The rules give mother more confidence in her parenting skills.

Rewards for Good Behavior (05:27)

A child with speech difficulties shows improvement after weeks of daily homework and weekly sessions with a specialist. A reward system highlights good behavior.

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Behavior and Development: Two Baby on Board Case Studies

Part of the Series : Baby on Board: Birthing, Child Development, and Parenting
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Only the most naïve parent expects constant domestic bliss, but when kids get out of control, feelings of frustration and anger—and, most of all, pleas for help—are completely natural. This program deals with behavior and development obstacles faced by two different families of young children. Three-year-old Leon has speech problems which often force his widowed mother and older brother Josh to translate for him. Leon’s many tantrums are a related concern. The mother of three-year-old twins Ben and Kyle and their brother Josh, 11, is also frequently swamped by behavior challenges while her husband is away on business. Public health nurse Gráinne Ryan helps both families build coping skills and support mechanisms. (25 minutes)

Length: 25 minutes

Item#: BVL40539

ISBN: 978-1-60825-958-8

Copyright date: ©2008

Closed Captioned

Reviews & Awards

"Very well done, with clear, direct explanations of the major issues. The families are genuine and likeable, and Ms Ryan is an engaging host....  good addition to public libraries with parenting collections. Recommended." —Educational Media Reviews Online


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