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Preparation for Hospital Birth (03:22)


A family with three children prepare for the birth of their fourth. The mother discusses her previous births, birth induction, and epidurals (regional nerve blocks).

Nervous Parents (01:43)

At the first sign of labor, a mother of three will go to the hospital. The father is nervous about having to manage an emergency childbirth. The family watches a 3-D video of the baby in the uterus.

How to Use a Birthing Ball (03:04)

A midwife instructs pregnant women on the use of birthing balls. The balls can be effective for the early stages of labor. Pelvic floor exercises strengthen a mother's ability to keep the baby from being born too fast.

Pregnant Mother: Past Due Date (02:13)

A midwife works with a pregnant woman who is 3 days overdue for delivery. Established labor is marked by painful contractions, contractions lasting about 45 seconds, and occurring at shorter intervals.

First Stage of Birth Induction (03:50)

A week past her due date, a pregnant mother of three is scheduled for a birth induction. Upon admissions, nurses check the baby's health and the mother's progress. She receives the first of the induction hormones.

Second Stage of Birth Induction (05:34)

After doctors administer birth inducing drugs, a pregnant woman begins contractions. In the labor ward, doctors will break her water for the second stage of induction. Within hours, mother gives birth to a son.

Advice to Parents About Hospital Birth (02:06)

New parents discuss their birthing experience in the hospital. The mother fells that her assertive behavior helped her get through the long labor. The new father urges other fathers to take as much time from work as possible.

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Birth: A Baby on Board Case Study

Part of the Series : Baby on Board: Birthing, Child Development, and Parenting
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From packing for the hospital to readying for emergencies, the entry into parenthood—whether for first-timers or veterans—requires careful preparation. This program features a family focused on the impending arrival of its newest member and all the concerns that typically accompany a baby’s birth. Expecting their fourth child, Blainagh and Gerard live a good 90 minutes from the nearest hospital, and their biggest concern is that they’ll deliver on the roadside. Veteran midwife and nurse Gráinne Ryan offers tips on emergency situations, discusses epidurals and the three stages of labor, shows how to use a birthing ball, and helps the expectant parents create a state-of-the-art birthing plan. (24 minutes)

Length: 24 minutes

Item#: BVL40537

ISBN: 978-1-60825-954-0

Copyright date: ©2008

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Reviews & Awards

"Very well done, with clear, direct explanations of the major issues. The families are genuine and likeable, and Ms Ryan is an engaging host....  good addition to public libraries with parenting collections. Recommended." —Educational Media Reviews Online


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