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Babies and Sleepless Nights (01:34)


All new parents face sleep-related issues, some mild, some extreme. An 11-month-old sleeps in his parents' bed and nurses throughout the night. The mother is exhausted.

Sleeplessness and Marital Strain (00:53)

Parents of a 19-month-old give their child whatever she wants to keep her from crying. She is allowed to sleep in her parents' bed. The sleepless nights and frustration place a great strain on the marriage.

Nighttime Routines for Parents and Toddlers (01:16)

A visiting nurse counsels a young couple who allow their baby to sleep with them and nurse throughout the night. The arrangement puts a strain on the young couple's relationship.

Overfeeding and Sleeplessness (01:48)

A young mother gives her toddler four bottles during the night in an attempt to get her to sleep. Parents often overfeed babies and toddlers out of desperation so they can get some sleep. Babies should be off the bottle at age one.

Health Nighttime Routines (00:53)

Parents learn new techniques for bedtime routines that may help establish new, healthier sleep habits.

Importance of Routines for Babies (00:53)

A young mother never lets her baby cry. She is presented with routines that would be healthier for her baby and her marriage.

New Nighttime Routine (01:20)

A young mother starts a new nighttime routine with her baby. She comforts him when he cries and then put shim back into his crib. Not part of the plan is nursing her son throughout the night, but the young mother feeds him anyway.

When Breastfeeding Is Unhealthy for the Mother (01:30)

A young mother devoted to breastfeeding her 11-month-old learns from her doctor that she needs to cut back.

Father Takes Charge of Baby (01:13)

A young, nursing mother fears giving up the bond between her and her baby. On the first night away from her baby, a mother gives over the nighttime routine to her husband.

Discipline Takes Courage (00:56)

Young mothers and fathers have to be strong in their convictions that nighttime routines are helpful for both baby and parents.

How to Prepare a Child for Bed (01:17)

A young mother learns more about a healthy nighttime routine for her baby, including healthy and non-stimulating snacks before bedtime. She learns to read to her child in a calm voice.

Young Mother Learns Patience (01:37)

An anxious young mother tries to adapt to a healthy nighttime routine for her toddler. She learns to let the child cry for short periods of time.

Conflict over Child Rearing (02:00)

On his first night with the baby, a father tries to settle his son down. Just as mother arrives, she hears the crying baby. She undoes the work of the father and consulting nurse by running to her baby when he cries.

Parents: Care for Each Other (00:54)

Parents must make time for each other during the frustrating times of sleepless, crying babies.

Techniques for Putting Baby to Bed (01:39)

A young mother puts the advice of a consulting nurse into practice and discovers she can get her child to bed and to sleep. Now, mother and father can get a good night's sleep.

Mother's Insecurities (02:07)

A young mother is determined to keep her baby from crying--at all costs. She thwarts suggestions from a consulting nurse and continues to let her baby fall asleep while she nurses him--throughout the night. Her husband feels left out.

Every Child Is Different (00:43)

At about 4 months of age, babies should be put to bed awake so they get used to falling asleep in their cribs. Parents should not compare their children to other children because no two children are alike.

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All new parents face sleep-related issues, some mild, some extreme. This program profiles two families suffering from sleep deprivation and in great need of help as they establish bedtime routines. The parents of 11-month-old Lewis let him sleep in their bed, where he breastfeeds throughout the night—exhausting his mom and dad and preventing intimacy between them. Nineteen-month-old Yasmine demands hours of attention from her parents before yielding to sleep; she never stays in her own bed and wakes up regularly to bottle-feed. Teaching calming techniques and a method called progressive waiting, experienced midwife and nurse Gráinne Ryan helps both families get their children into their own beds while reducing nighttime feeding. (25 minutes)

Length: 25 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-60825-948-9

Copyright date: ©2008

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"Very well done, with clear, direct explanations of the major issues. The families are genuine and likeable, and Ms Ryan is an engaging host....  good addition to public libraries with parenting collections. Recommended." —Educational Media Reviews Online


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