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Nelson Mandela Is Free (04:45)


In this video series, Patrick Boucheron will examine the impact of specific dates in history. South African authorities released Nelson Mandela after 27 years of incarceration as a political prisoner. Reporters gathered to witness the event.

Apartheid (03:38)

Whites made up only 10% of the South African population, where exclusion was legal, territorial, and economical. The internal passport was a symbol of oppression. The African National Congress fought against imposed apartheid laws.

Spear of the Nation (02:48)

South African authorities arrested 19 ANC leaders in Rivonia. Mandela argued his defense for sabotage, treason, and conspiracy. Robben Island was nicknamed "Mandela University."

History of Apartheid and Resistance (04:15)

The first Dutch immigrants settled in Table Bay. Authorities organized a penal colony on Robben Island, comprised mainly of the KhoiKhoi chiefs who resisted colonization. During the Great Trek, the British arrived and assumed control.

Abolishing Apartheid (05:09)

Frederik de Klerk agreed to abolish apartheid if the ANC ceased all attacks, gave up its demand for a majority government, and distanced itself from the South African Communist Party. The president released seven leaders that were convicted, including Walter Sisulu. Mandela insisted his white jailors were present at his release and addressed the populace at the Cape Town's City Hall.

Reactions from Around the World (06:05)

During the previous year, Francis Fukuyama announced the end of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall fell, Vaclav Havel was elected president of Czechoslovakia, and the USSR withdrew troops from Hungary. Mandela thanked his supporters but did not concede anything. The White Extreme Right and Zulu Encarta tried to stop negotiations.

Credits: February 11, 1990: Nelson Mandela Is Released from Prison (00:23)

Credits: February 11, 1990: Nelson Mandela Is Released from Prison

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February 11, 1990: Nelson Mandela Is Released from Prison

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“I stand here before you not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, the people”—those are the first words pronounced by Nelson Mandela after his release from prison, after 27 years of incarceration. The event struck a chord worldwide, reminding us that South Africa, historically, was not only the first country to be colonized but also the last country to be decolonized.

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