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Tennis Court Oath (03:05)


In this video series, Patrick Boucheron will examine the impact of specific dates in history. On June 20th, 1789, the third estate deputies swore not to separate until the constitution was established upon firm foundations.

Estates-General (03:34)

Louis XVI declared additional taxes. The Third Estate consisted of 96% of the French population; they wanted a greater role in governmental decisions. The nobility and clergy wanted to vote as the majority.

Occupying the Old Sports Hall (03:15)

The Estates-General convened at the Hotel Menus-Plaisirs du Roi on June 20th, 1789. The Third Estate was denied entry and went to the tennis court hall nearby. Jean Sylvain Bailly presided over the oath.

Effects of the Oath (02:41)

Amon Gaston Camus became the founder of the National Archives. Timothy Tackett studied the diaries of the Tennis Court Oath's participants. Cries of "Long Live the King" erupted after the oath.

Will of the People (07:09)

The king's envoy ordered the National Assembly to disperse; it abolished the feudal system and adopted "The Rights of Man and of the Citizen." During the storming of the Bastille, a civic militia formed in Paris and decided to seize the Bastille's canon. Jacques-Louis David agreed to paint a picture of the Tennis Court Oath to create a symbol of the revolution.

Anniversaries of the Tennis Court Oath (00:53)

Revolutionaries arrested King Louis the XVI on June 20th, 1791. In 1792, the people invaded Tuileries Palace; the king was arrested in August. Convention members declared the monarchy abolished in September. Luc Olivier Merson completed David's painting in 1883.

Other World Events (03:28)

The storming of the Bastille is considered the founding event of the French Revolution. In the Americas, George Washington was elected president, a Brazilian uprising occurred, and mutiny occurred on the Bounty in 1789.

Credits: June 20, 1789: The Birth of the French Republic (00:23)

Credits: June 20, 1789: The Birth of the French Republic

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Because of its abstract nature, one tends to forget that the Tennis Court Oath was the key tipping point of the French Revolution, both from a symbolic and legal standpoint.

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