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New World (03:31)


In this video series, Patrick Boucheron will examine the impact of specific dates in history. Christopher Columbus landing in America obscures a story that began in Grenada and casts the Spanish in a different light. The year 1492 has a complexity this series will explore.

Most Significant Event in 1492 (02:41)

On February 1st, Queen Isabella and Ferdinand of Aragon conquered the last Muslim Enclave in the Iberian Peninsula. Jorge de Aguiar drew a map of the known world. Conquistadors built cities in other parts of the world based on the model of Santa Fe.

Ancient World (02:45)

Mapmakers created maps showing the world as they saw and imagined it. Columbus thought the world might be bear shaped or round but included a protruding mountain. Martin Behaim completed the oldest known globe in 1492.

Cost of Modernity: Alhambra (03:30)

Emir Abdullah Muhammad XII surrendered after the collapse of the Alhambra citadel. Queen Isabella and Ferdinand decided to preserve the city. The Muslim empire lost a profitable state.

Cost of Modernity: Jewish Expulsion (04:54)

Queen Isabella and Ferdinand ordered the Jewish population of Aragon and Castile to convert or be exiled. During the Sephardic Diaspora, most migrated to the Ottoman Empire. During the capitulations of Santa Fe, Columbus agreed to only tell the Catholic monarchs what occurred on his voyage.

Columbus' Voyage (06:10)

During the Exposition of Seville, craftsmen reconstructed copies of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. After a number of navigation errors, Columbus believed the world was smaller than anticipated. He finally landed in San Salvador; Bartolome de Las Casas transcribed large portions of the logbook in "Historia de Las Indias."

Other World Events (02:44)

Duchess Anne was crowned queen of France, Lorenzo the Magnificent died, and Leonardo de Vinci drew "Vitruvian Man" during 1492. Other events included Sunni Ali Ber conquering Timbuktu, and the deaths of Dhammazedi and Martin Alonso Pinzon.

Credits: October 12, 1492: The Discover of the Americas (00:28)

Credits: October 12, 1492: The Discover of the Americas

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October 12, 1492: The Discovery of the Americas

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In our collective memory, 1492 is the year that divides the Middle Ages from Modern times. Why is this?

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