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Year One of Islam (03:46)


In this video series, Patrick Boucheron will examine the impact of specific dates in history. Muhammad traveled from Mecca to Medina in 622. The Islamic calendar began with the Hegira and counted in lunar cycles.

Islamic Hegira Calendar (04:48)

Islam spread through political alliances and military victories. In the Year 21 AH, Muslim forces captured Egypt and created Fustat as its capital. Muhammad grew up in Mecca and married Khadija, who gave him seven children. The Kaaba united all religions.

Geopolitical Context of Arabian Peninsula (02:54)

The Arabian Peninsula stood between the Byzantine Empire and the Sassanian Empire of Persia, each with a different religion. Mecca and Medina were a melting pot of religion, politics, and culture.

Mohammad and the Kaaba Guardians (03:44)

Muhammad asked Negus for refuge before going into exile in Medina. The hegira took place over two months; Muhammad was the last to leave Mecca. In the Constitution of Medina, followers offered a military commitment to the prophet.

Speculative Elements (05:42)

The Jews no longer followed Muhammad after he declared followers must cease praying toward Jerusalem. After forces conquered Mecca, Muhammad removed all but one of the idols in the Kaaba. The new direction of prayer changed the Arab world.

Islamization (05:33)

Boucheron compares the growth of Islam to the Roman Empire. Other events that occurred during this time period include Chlothar II defeating Queen Grunhilda and Buddhism spreading throughout Japan and India.

Credits: September 24, 622: The Departure of Mohammad for Medina (00:23)

Credits: September 24, 622: The Departure of Mohammad for Medina

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September 24, 622: The Departure of Muhammad for Medina

Part of the Series : Dates That Made History
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Muhammad’s first year in Medina, in year 622 of the Christian era, marks the beginning of the Muslim era and the birth of a new religion, civilization, empire, and calendar. The Hegira, Muhammad’s visit to the Mecca in Medina, also marks a major change: from then on, believers will pray in the direction of this new sacred place and no longer in the direction of Jerusalem.

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