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Let Us Dance (01:59)


Group dance on a theater stage is a living organism in perpetual mutation. Pop stars use the language of dance in their concerts. (Credits)

Group Work (06:54)

Batsheva rehearses "The Baby, the Ballerina, and Me," attempting to build a cohesive group without losing energy. Another dance troupe practices "Extremalism" by Emio Greco and Pieter Scholten. Dancers want inspiration from their choreographers.

Choreographic Approaches (03:22)

Jerome Bel discusses choreography difficulties in "The Show Must Go On" and "Gala."

"Nannaku Prematho" (04:45)

A film crew captures a group dance in Hyderland. The choreographer assumes control of dance numbers in Bollywood numbers. Shobi Paulraj prefers to create movements on the spot instead of rehearsing in advance.

Musicals and Concerts (02:54)

Group dances regularly occur in Hollywood musicals. Backup dancers highlight the pop star's performance and provide good stage visuals.

Bollywood (02:11)

Choreographers create a uniformed dance with backup dancers and a star double. N.T. Rama Rao Jr arrives on set when the crew is ready to shoot.

"Pump Up the Jam" (02:36)

Christine and the Queens rehearse a portion of the concert performance. She enjoys learning new techniques from backup dancers. A group dance is a collection of solos.

Totalitarian Ideology (04:37)

Group movements are often used as propaganda for governments. Choreographers prefer the group to agree but not become one mind. Bel works with non-dancers from a range of social backgrounds in "Gala."

"Extremalism" (06:37)

Groups become a micro society or a chorus of movements. Tribal movements influence the dance. Naharin was named artistic director of Batsheva in Tel Aviv and wants his dances to highlight individuality using the Gaga technique.

"May B" (07:19)

Maguy Marin creates French modern dances and considers her dancers a troupe. Dancers should not feel trapped by the group. Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker develops choreographic principles and compares group dance to geometry.

Folk Dances (04:15)

Ancient cultural dances have been reimagined on the modern stage. Geometric patterns exist in almost every dance. "Badke" is a joyous Palestinian dance performed at weddings and during harvest.

Resistance to Modern Dance (05:11)

"Badke" groups bring the dance into the countryside to maintain links. Modern dancers need to overcome obstacles in Palestine. Choreographers discuss how group work is a collaborative performance larger than the individual.

Credits: Group Dance (00:30)

Credits: Group Dance

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All choreographed genres, from scenic dance to folkloric and tribal dance, feature group dance, whether the group is made up of three or thirty dancers. From the Farandole to the chorus line, from dancing in a ring to mass-anarchy, from the rigours of the ballets corps to the flamboyance of Bollywood, all group dance enjoys a highly communicative, communal energy. Dancing together, sharing music and space, as one or disjointedly, in unison or out of harmony, putting on a show and demonstrating strength: these are some of the many challenges group dancing raises.

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