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Photographer: Alexander Gronsky (04:27)


Gronsky recalls images of childhood such as a train ride through Moscow. "Pastoral" gave him the opportunity to discover new places and explore the city. He views his work as a broad projection of a utopian dream which the country never achieved.

Photographer: Danila Tkachenko (08:53)

Tkachenko travels across Russia to capture remnants of Soviet times. On the anniversary of the Russian revolution, he builds a square referencing Kazimir Malevich. Russia continually forgets experiences in the past and starts over.

Photographer: Alexander Kouznetsov (10:00)

Kouznetsov argues that despite the power of the Russian state, people have freedom. He began as a press photographer in the 1970s, exploring freedom and oppression in spaces of confinement. His series on workers exposes the state machine.

Credits: The Landscape of the Soul (00:31)

Credits: The Landscape of the Soul

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The Landscape of the Soul

Part of the Series : Snapshots of Russia
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This episode is devoted to Russian landscapes. Rather than going in search of bucolic or pastoral images, photographers are turning to areas far away from the beaten track, where the influence of the land on the mentality and way of life of its people is particularly noticeable. Their photographs are close to both nature and men, and bear witness to an unknown world, between reality and imagination. They manage to capture a state of mind - of soul even. After a look at the disturbing border zones on the edges of Moscow with Alexander Gronsky, we accompany Danila Tkachenko to abandoned villages where he manages to create an atmosphere both disturbing and filled with mystery.

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