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Fashion Artist (07:18)


Pierre Bergé was Yves Saint Laurent's partner; Monsieur Jean Pierre and Madame Catherine worked as Saint Laurent's premier d'ateliers. Olivier Saillard organized several exhibitions of Saint Laurent's work. At 14, Saint Laurent studied fashion magazines and made dresses for paper dolls.

Classic Style (05:09)

For his first collection in 1962, Saint Laurent's sketches simple suits, evening dresses, and coats. Saillard explains that though some elements are 1950s-era, the body types reveal a 1960s style. Bergé recalls Saint Laurent showing clear intention in his work; the idea for the babushka wedding dress did not surprise him.

Expression Through Comics (05:48)

In 1968, Saint Laurent's sketches became more stylized, with African influences. Laurence Benaïm views the sketches and argues they are some of the most copied styles in the world. Saint Laurent created a comic book called "La Vilaine Lulu."

Fashion Scandal (06:34)

In his 1967 collection, Saint Laurent's drawings show short skirts and long hair; Bergé and Saillard agree the sketches portray youth in a powerful way. The 1971 collection was reminiscent of the 1940s war era. Benaïm explains the dresses reflect Oran women of Saint Laurent's mother's time.

Interpreting Sketches (03:17)

Jean Pierre and Catherine reflect on the process of creating clothes based on Saint Laurent's drawings. Jean Pierre admires his classic tuxedo suits. Paule Monory worked in Saint Laurent's studio pinning fabric samples and annotating sketches.

Costumes (05:28)

Saint Laurent designed costumes for theater productions. Elie Top views the sketches for Zizi Jeanmaire. Saint Laurent also drew costumes for men, which were more erotic.

Men's Fashion (01:34)

Saint Laurent made several sketches for a men's prêt-à-porter collection. Monory explains that Saint Laurent never erased a drawing, only reworked it.

Russian Collection (03:26)

For the Russian collection in 1976, Saint Laurent used color in his drawings for the first time. His co-workers recall that Saint Laurent was depressed at the time.

Opium Perfume Scandal (02:24)

Saint Laurent introduced the perfume in 1977. He designed the oriental bottle, and the appearance of the advertisement and model. Though it created an uproar and was banned in some countries, it had instant success.

1988 Collection (03:35)

Bergé argues that the collection is less original and more influenced by fashion trends. It features large shoulders and colorful embroidery which became popular. Some pieces are inspired by painters.

Saint Laurent's Last Collection (02:18)

In Saint Laurent's 2002 collection, the dresses appear simple but are technical in their construction; an inner structure made the draped dresses wearable. Saint Laurent's workshop understands his intentions with little conversation.

1950 Notebook (05:29)

Saint Laurent's colleagues discover a notebook in the archives that reveals his early interest in fashion, sensuality, and drawing. The notebook foreshadows his life as an audacious fashion designer.

Credits: Yves Saint Laurent's Sketches (00:36)

Credits: Yves Saint Laurent's Sketches

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The Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation is a treasure trove of iconic haute couture creations. It also includes thousands of extraordinary sketches. Delve into the fascinating universe of one of the foremost fashion designers in the world. Instantaneous testimony of both the history of fashion and the career of an outstanding creator, these drawings are the little-known legacy of Yves Saint Laurent and form the raw material of this film, along with contributions from Pierre Bergé and other former colleagues. There are perhaps as many as 200,000 of these gems, moments in time, each with its own story. Brought out of the archives, these drawings come to life.

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