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Quantum Physics (08:25)


Quantum theory is laws of the microscopic world that say an object can move through solid surfaces, be in two places at once, or seemingly travel through time. The effects of entangled particles appear in our world; scientists might one day use Quantum Entanglement for long distance communication. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a prototype of a quantum computer system that uses quantum bits.

How Electrons Behave (09:59)

Using the traditional double whole experiment, and the modern version of the test, scientists demonstrate and explain the quantum enigma. Electrons have the ability to be in two places at once and behave like particles instead of waves.

Parallel Universes (08:25)

Scientists cannot know the microscopic universe with certainty. Quantum tunneling occurs when an electron goes through a wall with borrowed energy. Most scientists believe the larger world can never operate under the laws of quantum physics; others believe in the double worlds hypothesis.

WIMP Hypothesis (08:10)

Scientists created the theory of dark matter; there is six times more dark matter than regular matter in the universe. Astronomers developed a list of every characteristic dark matter must contain and began searching the universe for weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP). Some experts believe dark matter only exists in other dimensions.

Measuring the Universe (06:54)

Scientists have explored scales smaller than an electron less than the entire universe. Physicists are attempting to understand the Planck Length through String Theory; it is plausible that ordinary space and time cease to exist at the Planck Length.

Credits: Microscopic Universe (00:32)

Credits: Microscopic Universe

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