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Ohio Territory, 1792 (05:54)


The British had ceded the territory at the Treaty of Paris, ending the American Revolution, but the Native tribes were not involved. Tecumseh joins warriors from a dozen tribes and fights against western expansion. The new government owes $75 million to Spain, France, and the Netherlands who helped finance the American Revolution. (Credits)

Continental Army (03:36)

President George Washington sends 2000 troops to the Ohio territory to quash the Native American rebellion. Tecumseh and his force of warriors attack the soldiers.

The Battle of Fallen Timbers (04:28)

American soldiers retreat into the woods, regroup for a counterstrike, and massacre their opponents. William Henry Harrison and Native American leaders sign a peace treaty at Fort Greenville; Tecumseh refuses.

Louisiana Purchase (04:56)

Thousands of pioneers travel into Indiana and Ohio to settle. Thomas Jefferson wants to reduce the threat from Great Britain, Spain, and France through expansion and purchases New Orleans from Napoleon Bonaparte. The president sends an expedition to explore the territory.

Planning the Lewis and Clark Expedition (04:43)

Jefferson sends an expedition to explore the territory. Meriwether Lewis earns a court-martial for brawling in the army. No one knew what the expedition would face on the journey.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Begins (03:03)

Lewis reunites with Clarke in 1804. The pair believes the Missouri River will lead to the Pacific Ocean and is unsure of what they will face on the journey.

Stalled in North Dakota (03:36)

Jefferson sent Lewis and Clarke to discover a trade route to the Pacific Ocean and explore the Louisiana territory. The pair builds Fort Mandan; Sacagawea serves as an emissary toward native populations. Settlers bring smallpox to tribes into the Indiana territory.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Resumes (03:11)

Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea travel on foot to explore the Louisiana territory. The expedition charts new maps and identifies new plants and animals.

Unclaimed Land (03:16)

An unknown tribe of Native Americans captures the expedition. Sacagawea reunites with her brother and arranges to purchase horses for the expedition.

In the Shawnee Tribe (05:33)

The smallpox epidemic continues to devastate the Shawnee population; Tenskatawa claims that the tribe needs to reject all modern influences. Tecumseh begins to unite Native American tribes in order to create a Pan-Indian nation. Pioneers feared the unification.

The Rocky Mountains (05:11)

Lewis and Clark decide to cross the mountains before winter. They eat their pack animals and candles made from animal fat in order to survive.

Heading toward the Pacific Ocean (03:08)

Lewis and Clark clear the Rocky Mountains and reach the Pacific Ocean, claiming the land for the United States. Great Britain sees the fort as an act of aggression.

British Fight Back (04:47)

Lewis and Clark decide to return home. Great Britain wants to dominate the fur trade in the Pacific Northwest. At Fort Malden, British military personnel meet with Tecumseh.

Returning to St. Louis (02:38)

Clark becomes a brigadier general in the army and the first governor of the Missouri Territory. Lewis struggles with alcohol and depression.

Tecumseh's Power Grows (03:15)

Tecumseh meets with William Henry Harrison in Vincennes, demanding the return of his lands.

Battle of Tippecanoe (03:20)

Tecumseh realizes that conflict is inevitable with the United States and recruits more warriors. Harrison orders his soldiers to mutilate corpses at Prophetstown after destroying the village.

Aftermath of the Battle of Tippecanoe (03:50)

The massacre at Prophetstown enrages native populations. Tecumseh promises to avenge the tribes; the New Madrid earthquakes rock the frontier. Tecumseh forges an alliance with the British.

War of 1812 (02:18)

The United States declares war against Great Britain and sends reinforcements to Fort Detroit. Tecumseh attacks the troops.

Tecumseh Prevails (04:44)

Soldiers surrender Fort Detroit without combat. Tecumseh orders the tribes to treat the Americans as prisoners-of-war. Britain claims the Michigan territory for the crown.

Credits: Never Surrender (00:43)

Credits: Never Surrender

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Shawnee warrior Tecumseh unites the Native American tribes to resist expansion; after Thomas Jefferson orchestrates the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark make their legendary expedition to the Pacific; and a new war for America begins.

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