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Michigan Territory, 1812 (02:10)


During the War of 1812, the frontier is a battleground between Great Britain, Native Americans, and American forces. Tecumseh unites warriors from over two dozen tribes and leads them in raids to drive settlers from native lands. He aims to create a Pan-Indian tribe west of the Appalachians. (Credits)

Eliminating the Threat (05:20)

The American government enlists William Henry Harrison to subdue Tecumseh and his warriors. In the Mississippi Territory, the Red Sticks attack settlements at the urging of Great Britain. Andrew Jackson's militia defends the southern states.

Battle of the Thames (06:29)

Harrison destroys Prophetstown. Tecumseh meets with his British Allies to plan an ambush. During the battle, the Native American war chief is killed by American forces.

Shawnee Defeated (02:06)

Tecumseh's dream of creating a Native American homeland dies after the Battle of the Thames. American troops seize control of the north. Jackson's troops search for the Red Sticks for months to no avail.

Davy Crockett (02:55)

Crockett finds the village of the Red Sticks within two weeks. Growing up in Jefferson County, he learns how to interpret scat, hunt, and track.

Battle of Tallushatchee (05:21)

Jackson prepares to attack the red stick warriors. Crockett and other militia men surround the village and attack. Native American women and children are burned alive.

Effect of Tallushatchee (02:57)

Sickened by the massacre, Crockett attempts to leave the voluntary militia. Jackson tries to forces the militiamen to remain.

Returning to the Militia (04:11)

Jackson insists that Crockett and the other men who want to leave return to the camp. Crockett heads home to Tennessee when his service is completed.

Destroying the Enemy (02:50)

Jackson launches a series of brutal attacks on the Red Sticks, not respecting any law of warfare. The Creek Native Americans negotiate a treaty, reducing their territory by millions of acres. Britain commits additional troops to America and attacks Baltimore from the Ocean.

Attacking New Orleans (03:19)

The British Navy decides to attack the port of New Orleans to control the Mississippi River. During the American Revolution, Jackson is held prisoner.

November, 1814 (03:05)

Jackson marches through the Atchafalaya Basin towards the Port of New Orleans with supplies.

December 1, 1814 (02:10)

Jackson builds fortifications to defend the Port of New Orleans and drive the combat to his strengths. His troops include Kentucky frontiersmen, Tennessee loyalists, New Orleans militia, local Native Americans, and river pirates. The British navy outnumbered the defenders three to one.

January, 1815 (03:56)

Jackson forces the British military to charge uphill towards New Orleans. After ten days of battle, the British forces withdraw.

War of 1812 Has Ended (04:42)

A peace treaty is signed in Ghent, Belgium. Jackson surveys Alabama and Mississippi and realizes cotton could grow there. Men began to carve out plantations in the south; slavery is resurrected.

Running for Office (05:17)

Crockett believes in squatter's rights and decides to run for the House of Representatives. Jackson is elected President of the United States.

Presidency (02:48)

Jackson continues western expansion and introduces the Indian Removal Act. Crockett argues against the law.

Indian Removal Act (03:26)

Crockett argues against the act in Congress. On May 26th, 1830 the House of Representatives and the Senate pass the bill.

Trail of Tears (02:46)

Native Americans leave Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida to migrate to present-day Oklahoma. Jackson wants to avenge Crockett's condemnation of the Indian Removal Act.

Revenge (03:41)

Jackson convinces William Fitzgerald to run and attacks Crockett's character during the re-election campaign. Crockett confronts Fitzgerald in Paris.

Fitzgerald Wins (03:40)

"The Lion of the West" makes Crockett an international celebrity. Pioneers travel further west into Texas. Crockett decides to relocate.

Texas, 1835 (04:11)

The Mexico government offers American settlers land at a decent price. Crockett wants to start over, obtain land, and consider another political position. Santa Anna imposes new restrictions on settlers and believes that the United States government is undermining his authority.

War for Independence (04:17)

Settlers speculate that the appearance of Halley's Comet foretells of Crockett's support. Jackson sees the unrest as an expansion opportunity. Crockett becomes an American icon after his stand at the Alamo.

Credits: Live Free or Die (00:41)

Credits: Live Free or Die

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Andrew Jackson rises to power and clashes with another national hero Davy Crockett over the U.S. policy towards the Native Americans and Jackson's Indian Removal Act. Meanwhile, a war with Mexico is brewing.

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