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Kentucky Territory (03:15)


Daniel Boone loses all the deer hides he collected when the Shawnee tribe chases him into a river. Frontiersmen can make money trapping and hunting this far west but are in constant danger of being killed. Boone returns to North Carolina destitute. (Credits)

A British Colony (04:09)

King George decries that no residents could settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. In Hillsborough, North Carolina, Judge Richard Henderson purchases 20 million acres; Boone agrees to lead 30 settlers west in order to evade debtor's prison. George Washington and Ben Franklin buy land in the west, not caring that Native American tribes inhabited it.

Boston Tea Party (03:41)

In New England, colonists rebel against their British oppressor. Boone travels through Cumberland Gap with 30 settlers on their way to Kentucky Territory; the journey is known as "The Wilderness Road."

American Rebellion (05:57)

At the Battles of Lexington and Concord, colonists fire upon British soldiers; 49 colonists die. Boone builds a permanent fortified settlement on the Shawnee territory. Jemima Boone trains as a marksman.

Native Tribes Resist (02:14)

The Shawnee tribe is pushed west and sees each settlement as an invasion of their territory. Chief Blackfish decides to fight back and abducts Jemima.

Three Women Abducted (05:03)

Boone establishes a war party to find the captured women. Jemima leaves a trail of fabric that the settlers can follow. Boone's legend grows and empowers females to move west.

American Revolution (04:37)

In Philadelphia, the founding fathers sign the Declaration of Independence. The British plan to suppress the revolution by attacking major ports from the ocean and sending troops down from Canada; after New York falls, the Continental Army retreats into Pennsylvania. British soldiers arm the Shawnee and other Native American populations in order to fight the settlers.

Western Conflict (03:48)

The British promises the Native American tribes territory in exchange for helping them defeat the colonists. Boone and his men depart Boonesborough in order to obtain more salt. Shawnee captures the men.

Shawnee Capture (02:33)

British soldiers pay 100 dollar bounty for each captured settler. The Shawnee tribe forces Boone and his men to run the gauntlet.

Boone Succeeds (03:07)

Boone earns the respect of Blackfish and convinces the leader to not assault any of the other settlers. The Continental Army is starving and freezing to death at Valley Forge.

In Boonesborough (05:34)

Rebecca Boone believes her husband dead and takes her family back to North Carolina; Jemima remains. In June 1778, Chief Blackfish marches Boone into Fort Detroit. Boone realizes that the Shawnee will attack Boonesborough and tries to escape.

Freedom (07:44)

After escaping, Boone travels over 100 miles in four days to warn Boonesborough that an attack is imminent. Jemima greets her father. The settlers prepare to fight back; Boone sends for the local militia in Virginia.

Bracing for Attack (07:21)

Boone sends for the Virginia militia and attempts to negotiate with Blackfish. The Shawnee attack Boonesborough. 60 settlers fend off the Native American tribe.

Under Siege (05:31)

Blackfish changes tactics and launches a barrage of surprise attacks on Boonesborough. The Shawnee surround the fort, trapping its settlers inside. Boone refuses to surrender; after 10 days, Blackfish decides to set fire to the wooden fence.

Day 11 of Siege (04:43)

Blackfish sets fire to Boonesborough. Rain falls, dousing the flames; the Shawnee attack fails. The Virginia militia arrives; the Shawnee tribe retreats.

Striking Back against Britain (03:54)

The Virginia militia will escalate the war by attacking Chillicothe. Boone refuses to share where the village is located or fight; Boone and Jemima leave the settlement. Kentucky becomes the 15th state of the United States of America.

Chillicothe Attack (06:36)

Blackfish dies; the Shawnee village is burned. Tecumseh leads his people in the fight to reclaim their territory. The French ally with the Continental Army, turning the tide of the war; The American Revolution ends.

Credits: Into the Wilderness (00:41)

Credits: Into the Wilderness

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The Revolution begins, and the outbreak of war spreads beyond the colonies into the remote frontier; Daniel Boone's life-or-death struggle for the future of his settlement becomes a fight for the future of America.

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