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Electric Arc Welding (13:10)


The strength of a weld comes from the quality of material used and how the atoms in the steel combine to become one powerful electron. Electric arc welding is the most common form in the modern industry; shielded metal arc welding is unique.

Explosion Welding (08:16)

Large explosive welding techniques can join all types of metals together. The three variables to create a successful explosion weld are the standoff gap, velocity of explosive, and quantity of the explosive. After welding, the metal must be corrected at a processing plant.

Underwater Welding (08:43)

Welding below the ocean's surface provides the optimal environment for creating the perfect weld; the odds of being shocked by underwater electric welding are slim. Saturation diving requires welders to go deep into the ocean and work on a project for days or weeks.

Robotic Welding (06:47)

General Motors has a factory of fully robotic welding systems that can spot weld products in a third less time than a human welder. At RobotWorx, the robotic welding systems can weld complex projects through integrated technology but still require Human Machine Interface.

Friction Welding (05:03)

Ultrasonic welding occurs when workers use the power of sound to weld plastics together. Robert Soloff was the first to patent the process of ultrasonic plastic welding and started his company Sonics & Materials. Spin welding uses rotary pressure to generate heat for fusion.

Credits: Welding (00:32)

Credits: Welding

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It was a science first conjured amid the fiery ovens of ancient blacksmiths; today more than 50% of all U.S. products require some form of welding.

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