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Measuring Stink (12:16)


All smells are chemicals created by combinations of molecules that the body's olfactory system detects and processes. Stink is subjective and can vary depending on a person's background or experience with a smell. St. Croix Sensory offers classes on odor detection; smell experts work to make agricultural odors less prevalent in farming communities.

Garbage Business (09:22)

Rumpke Consolidated Companies converts gas from a landfill into electricity for a residential neighborhood; landfill gas is primarily methane and carbon dioxide. Some of the stinkiest domestic garbage comes from decomposing organic matter; St. Croix Sensory tests out odor-controlling garbage bags.

Natural Smells (07:44)

In Yellow Stone National Park, numerous geysers and hydrothermal features emit a sulfurous odor. The park's mud volcano releases hydrogen sulfide gas, poisonous to humans. U.S. hog farming creates one of the most problematic agricultural smells; experts analyze swine manure to try and decrease stench.

Natural Gases (06:47)

The University of Illinois' Plant Science Department is home to a rare Indonesian plant known as the corpse plant. The Army has a training exercise at Fort Irwin which simulates the stench of death on the battlefield. Chemists add artificial smell to natural gas to alert people of gas leaks; cows produce an enormous amount of greenhouse gases.

Human Odors (04:58)

The odor of bad breath is sulfur based. Axillary glands in the underarms produce sharper odors, while sweat glands in the feet produce an odor similar to smelly cheese. American society has been fighting body odor for many years.

Credits: Stink (00:23)

Credits: Stink

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Just the whiff of a foul odor can make your head spin, your eyes water, your stomach turn—it can even send you hurling.

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